Small Problems - Firefox, Funny Clicking e.t.c.

  TicTacToc 18:51 18 Feb 2007

Am being frustrated by many small but annoying problems at the moment and I can't solve any of them:

1) For no apparant reason my click sometime turns into something different. If I click on a firefox tab, I start to download the page, I can't click anywhere that would allow me to write. When clicking on the my desktop to open a window it kinda acts like a right click. If I press ALT, my click returns to normal but I have no idea what brings it in the first place. I have scanned for viruses and spyware.

2) Firefox randomly decides sometimes to open every link in a new tab sometimes so I have to right click and click "open in this tab" to stop it from happening. Sometimes it does this, sometimes it doesn't and I don't think I do anything when it starts doing this.

3) Every times I go file>open or file>save in any program all my folders are in reverse alphabetical order. I do things that mean arranging them alphabetically every time takes a long time. In My Computer, the folders and files are arranged in the proper alphabetical order.

I had some more, that I will add when I remember them, but I would be very grateful for any insight into why some of the above is happening?

Thanks very much.

  skidzy 19:03 18 Feb 2007

Something to try:

Start/Control panel/tools/folder options/

Now check through the settings to see if anything has changed General/View/file types.

You could also try resetting to default settings while in General

  Probabilitydrive 19:10 18 Feb 2007

TicTacToc regarding 3): If you mean that folders in "your Documents" are in reverse alphabetical order do the following:
go to > my Documents> right click anywhere > arrange icons by name...and choose your preference

  TicTacToc 19:44 18 Feb 2007

Thanks for the help but:

Probabilitydrive - In My Documents my files are arranged in the correct order. It is when I open My Documents in a file or somewhere by going File>Open that they are in reverse order.

I know it doesn't sound a big deal, but when I am saving files from small image edits and the like it slows me down a lot if I have to navigate with the folders arranged in reverse order, or click arrange by name.

Skidzy - That didn't seem to have any effect.

  Stuartli 21:17 18 Feb 2007

In most Microsoft programs, applications etc right clicking and using Sort By Name provides the alpabetical order.

  TicTacToc 18:21 19 Feb 2007

Stuartli - I am aware of how to do that, but I have to do that everytime I open a folder because they are arranged in reverse alphabetical order...

And I can't seem to fix that.

  Coff 18:32 19 Feb 2007

For problem 3 try this. Open your My Docs folder and hold down the Ctrl key as you close it. Open a save as dialogue from a file and see if everthing is listed correctly.

  TicTacToc 18:44 19 Feb 2007

Coff - ^^ Yaaay. Everything is in the correct order now! Am curious to know why holding down the CTRL key helped?

Thanks very much though :)

1 and 2 aren't too much bother, but they do seem really random and that worries me that something is going wrong.

  Coff 18:46 19 Feb 2007

Some info click here

  rabadubdub 18:52 19 Feb 2007

In the 'Save' dialog box you can change the view to 'Details' then click on the heading bar for Name.

Other than that, not sure what the problem might be, though I did have a lot of problems with FFx after updating in Jan, and gave up trying as it seems Everything is only compat with ntfs now - not with winME/98 etc. Checkout Bugzilla through the Ffox site.


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