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  alan227 23:33 04 Jun 2004

I am using XP home and for some reason the print on the sites I normally visit have become very small, how can I make them larger again.
I have tried tools/internet options/font, but it has made no difference.

  powerless 23:39 04 Jun 2004

View, Text Size

  Arthur Scrimshaw 23:42 04 Jun 2004

If you have a mouse with a scroll wheel - hold down control (ctrl) and roll that mouse wheel.

  alan227 23:57 04 Jun 2004

Thanks to you both for your answers
The View/text size is set to largest
Tried Ctrl & scroll wheel and Ctrl & + key but no joy.

  alan227 08:46 05 Jun 2004


  Pesala 10:00 05 Jun 2004

click here to download an alternative browser. The problem is that some sites use fixed font sizes, so using largest font size in IE makes no difference at all.

Opera zooms the entire page down to 20% or up to 1000% by using + and - on the numeric keypad. The layout's integrity is maintained as graphics are enlarged as well as the text. On this site I zoom to 150%, generally 130% is ideal as it fits a page designed for 800 pixels to my 1024 pixels wide screen.

This is how Opera looks on my setup click here My home-made home page, which resides on my hard disk, has quick links to my favourite forums. The tabs on the pagebar allows one to switch instantly between open pages.

  alan227 16:55 05 Jun 2004

I allready have Opera, and no difference.
Could it have anything to do with me changing from a 19"CRT monitor to a 17" TFT?.

  SEASHANTY 16:59 05 Jun 2004

With Mozilla using VIEW you can increase to 200 percent when the text also changes to bold. You can get more than this but it makes it arkward having to
additionally then scross horizontally on this PCA website.

  SEASHANTY 17:01 05 Jun 2004

Sure need an English spellchecker. For Scross read "scroll" - but you knew that anyway!

  Pesala 17:40 05 Jun 2004

Alan, how could zooming in make no difference? If you increase the default zoom to 130 or 150% the text has got to be bigger and easier to read.

Preferences, Page, Default Zoom.

  alan227 18:04 05 Jun 2004

Have just been into Opera and followed your instructions and that is better, thanks to all of you for your replies.

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