Small laptop drop to floor and now after 2 months

  nerawan 09:48 08 Nov 2010

Hi. Some time ago I posted a similar thread about a small laptop Asus (10.1")that I bought in Asia more than a year ago. after 3 months I dropped on the floor. I was surprised it continued working but 2 months later it stopped out of the blue. Now only the green light for power and for the battery get On. Nothing else. The problem could be the motherboard or the hard drive???(any suggestions about this part). Also any idea about how to open this small laptop. Thanks for any info.(I have many folders with video and photos that I don.t want to lose)

  johndrew 10:04 08 Nov 2010

You may have loosened or damaged a plug/connection or component when you dropped it and this has now revealed itself.

Your best bet would be to remove the HDD and try it in a caddy/dock to see if it runs. I have a feeling it may not.

I am also a bit surprised that having dropped the machine, and then found it functioning, you didn't back everything important up.

  Taff™ 10:12 08 Nov 2010

Try removing the battery pack and the power charger. Press and hold the power button for 30 seconds, then release and then plug in the adapter to see if it now works.

  nerawan 18:44 08 Nov 2010

Hi Taff. I already did that but not luck. The main point now is to open it and test the HD but any suggestions about that (how to open this laptop. For the size is different for other regular laptops-It has to be done lifting the keyboard).

Any web site were they explain doing this.

  johndrew 19:55 08 Nov 2010

You don't identify the type of Asus laptop but you may find a manual if you look through these click here

  Taff™ 23:26 08 Nov 2010

Yes I agree. Hopefully it`s not a flash drive memory but a removable one as fitted in laptops. Give us the model number.

  nerawan 18:02 09 Nov 2010

Thanks for the answers. I was looking at one video and it looks quite complicated to reach the HD. The whole laptop has to be open (the back and front) but I was looking at other info and it looks many people have a similar problem .The black screen of death but this is solved downloading and flashing the BIOS. A USB stick has to be used (it looks max size 512 mb formatted in fat) but I have a 4 gyga stick so this weekend I will get one. Later I will post if this solve the problem.

My laptop is Acer aspire One 150 (10.1'). Sorry for the mistake. I was travelling for more than a year and in India I bought an Asus but it was stolen 1 day b4 leaving (it had about 20 Dvds of video and 5 of photos). Later I bought the Acer in Thailand.

  kjrider 18:57 09 Nov 2010

Try a live Ubuntu CD or USB stick. The OS will load up in memory, without upsetting your laptop, and you should be able to see your HD and if its working OK.


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