Small graphics problem on laptop external monitor

  Pineman100 15:13 11 Sep 2009

I recently replaced my old XP desktop computer with an HP laptop running Vista.

When I'm using the laptop at home, I hook it up to the 19" flat panel monitor that came with my old desktop. It's a Samsung SyncMaster 193v. When doing this, I have the laptop's screen switched off.

In general this works fine, but there are one or two small annoyances in the monitor display that I can't seem to get rid of.

* Some small graphic objects (icons, emoticons, etc.) appear to have a vertical line of pixels missing from one edge.

* When I do an address search on Google Maps, the shadow of the label pointing to the address shows as chunks of black, whereas I know it should be just pale grey.

* In general, I feel that the display is a slightly less "crisp" than it was on the old computer.

There are one or two other small anomalies that, although not serious, make me think that there is some kind of small problem between the monitor and the laptop's GeForce G 105M video card.

I have updated the monitor's drivers, but as the computer is only a month old I haven't done this for the video card.

Do you think these little annoyances can be rectified?

  ambra4 15:34 11 Sep 2009

“But as the computer is only a month old I haven't done this for the video card”

It only a month old for you, but could be have been build 1 year ago so up date the video card driver

  Pineman100 18:52 11 Sep 2009

OK ambra4, thanks for that tip.

  Pineman100 18:59 11 Sep 2009

As ambra4 recommended, I checked for updated video card drivers. However, my drivers are up-to-date.

  ambra4 19:08 11 Sep 2009

Have you tried the Auto-Adjustment function button on the monitor

  Pineman100 19:32 13 Sep 2009

Apologies for the delayed reply - we've been away for a few days.

You've solved the problem for me! To be honest, I've had the monitor for so long that I'd forgotten about the "Auto" function. One press of the button and voila! All is resolved.

Many thanks for your help - I'm most grateful.

  ambra4 21:12 13 Sep 2009

All glad to help


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