Small Cheap Usable Wireless Device

  Scott_the_Scot 12:16 19 Oct 2006

Having just came back from holiday I found that a lot of the bars have open wireless conections. So I am looking for a small cheap usable wireless device. I don not want to have to lug my 15" screened laptop about but I also do not want to have to try and surf the net using a 2" screen. I know the small vaio range would probable do the trick but they are very expensive. I am happy to go for second hand as I would probable never use it for anything other than holiday.

  sean-278262 12:25 19 Oct 2006

Care to give us a budget?

  Scott_the_Scot 12:41 19 Oct 2006

£350 as I would only be using it for 2 or 3 weeks of the year

  rsturbo 10:41 20 Oct 2006

or phillips have a laptop in pcworld for about 500

i have a lifedrive and its acceptable for browsing

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