Sluggish PC Performance

  taffjones 22:26 20 Nov 2006

Can anyone help pse? I am running Win 2K Pro on an old 900MHz Duron with 392K of RAM. The computer is very sluggish. I have Norton Internet Security 2006 , Counter Spy and Spybot S&D running as protection and have been for over a year. This problem has only started in the last week or so. When I run Windows Task Manager my CPU is running at 60 percent. Even with the majority of things closed down it is still the same. I have run a registry scan and cleared most of the rubbish in there but still the same. I have increased my virtual memory and have plenty of space left on my 120Gb hard drive (also been de-fragged). I have run Adaware/Spywareblaster/ Norton/Spybot S&D and found nothing. Can anybody give me any more pointers pse?

  skidzy 22:28 20 Nov 2006

CPU at 60 percent,check task manager to see what is using the resources.

  Jak_1 00:59 21 Nov 2006

Taff, you have said it yourself. It's an old machine, the chip and the low memory are stuggling to run XP. Hard drive space etc will not help. You need more resources but your system cannot provide them at those specs.
Sorry if this sounds a bit negative.

  taffjones 08:39 21 Nov 2006

Jak_1 - it's only started to happen in the last 2 weeks otherwise it's been tip top until then.

Skidzy - 'Task Manager' says that LuCallbackProxy is using about 60 - it's the first time i've seen this one on there - otherwise it always says that System Idle Process is using about 98 percent of the CPU.
Could it be an update to either Win 2000 or Norton 2006 that's caused this to slow down?

  mole44 08:43 21 Nov 2006

save all the data you want to keep,then format and install your operating system and programs drastic i know byut i expect thet your machine is clogged up with all sorts of left over rubbish.

  Probabilitydrive 08:47 21 Nov 2006

LuCallbackProxy is a Norton process. get yourself informed here
click here

On startup or shortly after this process kicks in and may last for 20 to 40 seconds after it subsides again.
to check: go into task master on start up and highlight LuCallbackProxy entry. It wil use your CPU for sume time and then subside.
This process i needed by Norton.

  taffjones 09:49 21 Nov 2006

The system is constantly running at a minimum of 55 percent CPU (even with Norton/CounterSpy etc disabled).
I don't really want to backup/reload but if that's the only solution then I'll have to do it!

  rmcqua 10:13 21 Nov 2006

Norton can be horribly demanding on system resources in an older, less high spec. system. I suggest you ditch it and use one of the "lighter", free A/V programmes.

  taffjones 20:37 21 Nov 2006

Turns out that the problem was with a Device Driver for my 56K Modem (which is no longer used). Once i removed that the system ran fine. The Windows Update must have automatically downloaded a new driver in teh last couple of weeks causing it to throw a wobbly.
Many Thanks to all for the advice.

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