sluggish pc

  Jody o-) 23:23 02 Oct 2003

my comp becomes very sluggish after using applications like media player or burning a cd or playng a game .. i'm forced to reboot after which things are normal till i run another heavy app after which it continues to be sluggish :( do you think that its a memory problem ?

p4 1.8 and 512 mb pc 2100 ddr

  Jody o-) 23:24 02 Oct 2003

using win xp sp1 ..

  Lozzy 23:31 02 Oct 2003

Use two free Utilities to get rid of the data held in hidden temp folders.. click here for Free Ram and click here for CleanUp. Both are excellent Utilities

  14flashgordon 23:46 02 Oct 2003

you say that it slows down after running a big app. perhaps the cpu is overheating! do you have a programme that monitors various parameters of the mobo, cpu etc.

  Jody o-) 18:22 03 Oct 2003

i removed a memory module i bought a few months ago and things seem to be more normal.. thanks for the help

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