sluggish laptop

  mark3986 19:12 14 Oct 2009

computer is running really slow ive got avira anti virus and super antispyware on it did have MBAM but kept going off when trying to do a full scan and ideas wots slowing computer down please and how to speed it up thank you!!oh and i have ccleaner too

  ashleycardwell94 19:32 14 Oct 2009

go to task manager, CTRL-ALT-DELETE and go to processes tab, click on memory usage until it brings up some big figures and that will be slowing down youre computer, also click on cpu untill you find the highest number and it should say SYSTEM IDLE PROCESS, you may need to defragment using specialist software, windows version isnt very good, and you might need a ram upgrade and clean your hard drive usng drive scrubber or something similar!

  mark3986 19:47 14 Oct 2009

wots the best defragger tool and hard drive scrubber mate you got a link please my computer is MEMORY: 4.00GB
PROCESSOR: AMD Turion(tm) X2 Dual-Core Mobile RM-72 2.10GHz
32 BIT operating.
Vista ultimate service pack 2.
wot would you recommend sir?Thanks

  mark3986 23:38 15 Oct 2009

anymore ideas guys??

  birdface 10:40 16 Oct 2009

Run malwarebytes in safe mode looks like you may have a nastie on board.

  rdave13 10:55 16 Oct 2009

Open Windows Defender and click on tools then on Software Explorer. Click on the 'Show for all users' tab. Check carefully what programs are running at start-up. See if you have any you can't identify. Change the category to 'currently running programs' and check these also.

  lotvic 11:10 16 Oct 2009

You have 3 threads on the go - all about the same related problems
It gets confusing for those trying to help.
Please close 2 of them by ticking 'Resolved' and then stick to just one.

Other 2 threads
Memory Processes huge figures click here
MalwareBytes Stops click here

  mark3986 19:09 16 Oct 2009

all my scanners have come back as a tracking cookie no virus

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