sluggish computer

  GBL 20:30 03 Mar 2009

XP Pro with all upgrades etc two 80gb HDD's.At times the computer grinds to almost a standstill with little or no HDD action. It has become worse since I downloaded the Garmin Nuvi map upgrade for my SatNav, it was a slow process taking hours to download 3gb of data. I left it to get on with it and went out, a few hours later the download was complete but the computer was locked solid. I rebooted it several times before I could use it. I redownloaded the file overnight and after some effort have managed to complete the task.
Still having problems with lock ups etc.
Any advice please, I am thinking on the lines that something maybe on its way out, HDD perhaps. Should I now delete the downloaded file, I can't se that I need it anymore?

  Covergirl 20:40 03 Mar 2009

Start, Run, MSCONFIG and in the Startup tab, disable everything except your AV. Have you ever done this?
Installed programs usually put an uneccessary entry into Startup and a portion of the program loads on startup and uses system resources when you don't need them. Anything in there can be started from the desktop or the Start menu anyway. Check your System Tray (bottom right on the taskbar) is it full of icons?

  Covergirl 20:41 03 Mar 2009

. . . before the changes take effect.

  woodchip 20:49 03 Mar 2009

Have you Updated Windows of late with the .Net framwork update.? as I have have done three XP computers with it but one I have just had to do a Restore to before loading the Update as it was giving a lot of problems

  woodchip 20:51 03 Mar 2009

I also had problems with Restore putting it back to how it was, it sorted after two reboots. on restore computer froze after the restore and I had to switch off the computer by holding the start button in for it to shut down

  GBL 20:53 03 Mar 2009

I only install the upgrades through automatic from MS, so not sure what they have sent through, I have experienced some problems since IE 8 has been installed.
I will try what Covergirl advises when I can get on the PC in question, (wifey using it at moment so could be ages)

  woodchip 20:56 03 Mar 2009

I set mine to do the Manual so I can select what I want to load, this is one that gave the problem on that PC, others have been okay. after it was removed the PC is back to normal

  woodchip 20:59 03 Mar 2009

Depending when the Updates was loaded you should be able to restore to the same day as Windows creates a Restore point before loading updates. so I suggest you try different dates working your way back until it clears them this should not be more than the first Tuesday of last month

  GBL 21:08 03 Mar 2009

sounds a good idea, but twill have to wait until morning I think. I will report back when done.

  GBL 22:23 03 Mar 2009

Have tried two separate restore points, 2-2-09 and one in January, neither will work so I gave up trying, will try and clean out some prgrams etc to see what happens next.

  GBL 09:01 04 Mar 2009

Never had much success with System Restore but have removed some programs from the computer and it seems (shhh) to be better.
Thanks for your replies. Take care.

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