Slowness of PCA site or provider

  spuds 10:24 27 Jan 2006

Anyone noticed if the PCA site seems to have a problem with responses from about 9.50am for a couple of hours. Over the last three days, I have noticed that trying to respond to forum questions, the response connection seems to be very slow, with slight hold-ups.Usually the site is extremely fast,the rest of the day, so I was wondering if it was my ISP (Tiscali)or a BT problem.

Out of curiousity, just like check. I know a number of people are starting to complain about Tiscali recently.

  Chegs ®™ 10:30 27 Jan 2006

I have noticed occasional sluggishness in posting a response to a thread,as it was happening on several sites not just PCA I put it down to my ISP(also Tiscali)but it returns to normal after a period so I aint unduly fussed.

  IPA 10:32 27 Jan 2006

No problems noticed here ,site is very fast.

  spuds 10:54 27 Jan 2006

I use Net-Medic, and that shows 'Inactive Connection Performance' from both Tiscali and PCA sites.But strange thing, I connect to the eBay and other sites at about the same time, and all seems well.

Tick as resolved. But still curious as to why this should be.

  bluto1 11:01 27 Jan 2006

I just read your post to my young nephew and he suggests that at that time school classes everywhere are logging in to the PCA site for their daily IT lesson. Quite funny really, but where better to go?

  spuds 22:06 27 Jan 2006

bluto 1

Now there's a thought,and well worth thinking about, considering that there are three large schools very near, and many more using the same local exchange. Still doesn't quite answer the eBay and other sites possible uninterrupted speed.

Strange one this, something that I will keep my eye on over the next week, and report back. Thank your young nephew for me, regarding his very plausible suggestion.

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