Slowly losing the will...........

  tillybaby 12:58 08 Feb 2008

Since 25th January I've been having connection problems ie. NO connection, this has been discussed on another thread but this is another problem,

The Bt engineer came yesterday and amongst much heavy breathing and tutting he eventually spoke and said "Not surprised you aren't getting a connection" at last someone who knows what he's doing. He did various things and even climbed a ladder outside then asked me to see if noise was still on my land-line which it wasn't, it was crystal clear so he went,

Connected up to broadband o.k. then this morning I had reason to phone the tax office, no signal on landline so I rang it from my mobile and it's permanently engaged, it seems that now if I'm connected to broadband then I can't access my landline, phoned the tech dept. and am told it's my problem and that when I'm connected to broadband then it will affect my landline,

And there was me thinking that one of the purposes of broadband was so that people could still phone me on the landline if need be. We are now at a standstill because they say it's my fault, at the moment I have my line rental and calls via the post office home phone thing.

  ambra4 13:47 08 Feb 2008

“When I'm connected to broadband then it will affect my landline”

Total crap, phone should work at all time, report it BT as a phone line problem

“No Dial Tone On Phone” even if there is no dial tone the broadband will still work once

there is the 48 volts talk battery on the line

BT need to reset your phone line card in the exchange, as phone is not disconnecting

Just make sure that there is a filter on all the phones connected to the line and there is no

phone off hook

  tillybaby 14:08 08 Feb 2008

Hi ambra4 and thank you for your reply,

No phones are off the hook and once I close the computer down then the phone works, immediately I connect it up then the landline becomes engaged. Now I've been on broadband since 2001/2 so I do know that I should be able to use my landline as well as computer,

With regards to the filters, the engineer told me that I didn't need any because the box on the wall had a built in filter and so all phones were automatically filtered,

I'm being had as an idiot methinks but what makes it worse is that my son is disabled and I do get quite a few calls off medical professionals with regards to his welfare etc.

Here we go again.....

  ambra4 14:30 08 Feb 2008

“Once I close the computer down then the phone works”

When you say close the computer down do you also switch off the router or just switch off the computer?

Is the router connected via a extension from the main BT box or directly connected to the main box

  tillybaby 18:41 08 Feb 2008

Hi again,

We are still on the modem Voyager 105 which is connected to the box on the wall, everything has been o.k for the past seven years but then when we had all that horrendous rain the other week my problems began, yesterday the engineer did various things and while he was still here he asked me to check my landline which I did and everything was perfect, of course the computer wasn't switched on, once it was connected to broadband then the landline became engaged, just like I was in dial up really.

This afternoon I have spent the most frustrating few hours on my mobile to the post office tech dept. most of it listening to music, then when I did get to speak to someone they passed me onto someone else who then transferred me back to the same damn queue that I'd just come out of, eventually I spoke to someone who promised to ring me back-----------I'm still waiting!!

  Forum Editor 17:57 09 Feb 2008

that you report a fault on your phone line. Tell them that you are unable to make or receive inbound calls.

There's absolutely no reason why your broadband connection should interfere with voice calls, provided each extension on which you try to use a phone has a microfilter plugged into it.

  rdave13 21:47 09 Feb 2008

"With regards to the filters, the engineer told me that I didn't need any because the box on the wall had a built in filter and so all phones were automatically filtered"
Filters do break down. Get some to plug in to all the phone outlets from someone like Amazon; click here
See if it makes a difference. You'll need one on the Sky line if you have one.

  tillybaby 15:23 10 Feb 2008

Again thank you for your replies,

The landline is completely dead when we're not on the computer and connected to broadband, when we are there is only a whooshing noise. Just arrived home from work (This is why I haven't replied sooner) and I disconnected the wall plate and plugged the landline into that, again absolutely nothing, what on earth can I do because although I've reported this fault numerous times now all they say is "I'll do a line test" and when that comes back o.k. nobody does anything, basically they just say "It's your apparatus" when I told them my apparatus was perfectly o.k. until their engineer came out they hang up on me,

I haven't had a land line connection since Thursday now, to be honest I've been looking in the yellow pages and am thinking of asking an indepedant person to fix it for me although I do know it will cost.

  5ean 16:22 10 Feb 2008

I went through a similar thing but bad (turned out to be corroded) line related not BB problem.

In the end I wrote a "strongly worded letter" to the regional "customer care" manager.

Next time you ask for a line test ask for the address of the manager to write to. The poor souls on the end of line have very little power to get anything done.

Phone line fixed within 2 days of them receiving the letter (sent special delivery for impact).

Worth trying a filter first though.

  tillybaby 16:37 10 Feb 2008

Hi 5ean,

I don't ask for a line test because I've had that many now, for some reason I get one every single time I speak to anyone, it must be one of the simplest things to do and yet sounds quite impressive if you're a bit wet behind the ears and also it appears that something is being done, I'm not blaming the people at the call centres because they're only doing what they are trained to do but it is so frustrating to be paying for something that is totally useless,

I will have to ask to speak the manager and write because I'm just banging my head against a brick wall at the moment.

  daxian 10:37 11 Feb 2008

hi tillybaby....
just a thought, have you tried a different phone on the line ?
or checked the phone on a different line(friend/neighbors)to make sure it is not the apparatus?

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