Slowing down a vacuum cleaner

  Sapins 17:53 20 May 2007

Is there any way to slow down the speed of a household vacuum cleaner to reduce the power of the suction. I want to clean the inside of the computer case but don't fancy having to retrieve bits from the dust bag!

  Pamy 17:55 20 May 2007

Would not reccomend using household vac (electrostatic)

  rdave13 17:57 20 May 2007

Lol. I use a Dyson at full power but at distance away from the open case. I use brand new artists paint brushes to lightly remove the dust and the Dyson takes the plume away..:) Not very professional I know but works for me.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 17:59 20 May 2007

I use a 1800 watt cleaner on every will be OK. I find the brush attachment the best to use and the pointy attachment. Vacs are safe, don't let anyone tell you different.


  rdave13 18:06 20 May 2007

Was going to say that my Dyson was better than yours 'till I checked, it's only 1200 watt.

vacuum cleaners in computers? you'll be defragging while your downloading next!

  rdave13 18:25 20 May 2007

Hmmm.. wonder who does that..

  STREETWORK 18:25 20 May 2007

There are a few ways of doing this.

1. Reduce the air velocity through the suction hose by drilling a series of 6mm holes at 100mm spacing along the whole length. To confirm that the air flow has been reduce (thus less suction) use an air flow meter from a reputable dealer. As a hint, only drill 4-6 holes at a time and check the air flow. Drilling too many may create a negative pressure around the air intake. Also if you use duck tape where you are going to drill the air intake tube it reduces the risk of slipping and drilling through your hand. A good vice can help here.

2. Fit an impeller dampening device, these can be googled. This should fit on the spindle of the fan which creates the positive pressure. Its worth stripping down the vacuum cleaner first to measure the spindle size, follow the manufactures guide.

3. Some vacuum cleaners are fitted with an air flow reduction device, commonly found on Hoovers. By enlarging this it will have the effect of reducing the suction power at the nozzle without reducing the air flow. This method is preferred by most people as it reduces the risks associated with drill a round tube with a hand held drill.

4. Extend the length of the air intake tube as this will have the effect of increasing the volume of air in the pipe and have the effect of less pressure at the fan. Using the air velocity meter can help in determining the length of the extension required.


Pop down to PC World and buy the keyboard battery operated cleaner. This can also be used inside the PC case...

do you build jet engines for a living?

  Stuartli 18:48 20 May 2007

>>Some vacuum cleaners are fitted with an air flow reduction device>>

One of our vacuum cleaners, a Bosch cylinder model, has the means to do this; you turn a circular dial on the main handle which progressing opens a gap in the hard plastic pipe section.

Obviously, when the gap is closed, suction is at maximum capability.

  Stuartli 19:04 20 May 2007

Another way, of course, is to cover the nozzle with an old stocking to reduce the air flow.

Incidentally this is also the means to search for missing diamonds, other gems or small objects lost in a carpet or other reason - it saves them being sucked into the machine...:-)

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