Slowest Boot Time Ever - A New World Record ?

  Tinkey Winkey 23:03 26 Apr 2005

Can you tell me why my latest PC build takes forever to boot into Windows please ?

The first POST screen gets to " Auto-Detecting Primary Master...Press F4> to abort_ and then pauses with the flashing DOS cursor for 20 seconds before finding the HDD and moving on.

As if this isn't irritating enough,the real pain in the butt is that it then displays the Windows xp screen with the little moving blue line for an incredible 1 minute and 50 seconds before loading the Windows welcome screen !

I have enabled quick boot and tried setting the boot priority in different orders.Also tried swapping the HDD & DVDRW between IDEs 1 & 2 on the motherboard.Formatted and reinstalled Windows XP aswell.

I have never known such an incredibly ageing boot !

Can this be resolved please ?

Asrock K7S41 Integrated VGA & SND
Duron 1.4GHZ
1024MB Ram
80GB Maxtor HDD
300watt PSU
Windows XP Pro

  woodchip 23:06 26 Apr 2005

You must have got the Hard drive set to AUTO in the BIOS, this slows boot as it as to chech the drive settings each time you boot, you should auto detect the drive. Have loaded many programs?

  Vitruvian Man 23:08 26 Apr 2005

do you have two drives connected to one ide cable? this has slowed the boot time for me considerably once.

  Tinkey Winkey 23:10 26 Apr 2005

Yes HDD is set to AUTO in the BIOS.Are you saying set it to Auto Detect - isn't this the same thing !?

As this is a fresh install no programs are yet installed.

  Tinkey Winkey 23:14 26 Apr 2005

Vitruvian Man

No the HDD and the DVDRW are on seperate IDE cables - Primary Master and Secondary Master.

The HDD is connected to the IDE on the middle IDE 'plug' rather than the end on but that shouldn't make any difference should it ?

  Tinkey Winkey 20:48 27 Apr 2005


Having spent forever changing BIOS settings and rebooting ,I changed the Jumper on the HDD from Master to Cable Select and it boots up in a flash !


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