Slower speeds on laptop

  Graham. 19:58 27 Jan 2007

Using click here speedtester, I get much higher speeds (up to 9Mbps) on the desktop, but typically only 2Mbps on the laptop over a Sky wireless router. Is this normal?

  Graham. 23:31 27 Jan 2007

Unashamedly bump.

  terryf 23:34 27 Jan 2007

Presumably the laptop cpu is slower than the PC?

  Dipso 23:59 27 Jan 2007

I advised someone to tweak there MTU and RWIN settings recently to resolve this problem and this seemed to be the solution. click here

Also make sure you have the latest drivers for the wireless card.

  Graham. 09:50 28 Jan 2007

The laptop gets the higher speeds when connected directly to a modem. It must be the wireless router connection slowing it down.

  Joe R 10:01 28 Jan 2007


as it is a wireless connection, it could be the card used in the laptop, that is slower.

  Dipso 11:49 28 Jan 2007

What speed card is it? 802.11b or g i.e. 11 Mbps or 54 Mbps?

I mentioned tweaking as the MTU/RWIN values set for the ethernet card connection when using wired may not be the best values for the wireless card. You can tweak each card for optimum performance.

  Graham. 15:52 28 Jan 2007

802.11g, 54 Mbps as in Device Manager.

  Graham. 15:58 28 Jan 2007

I've just updated the drivers for the Wireless Network Adapter. Now getting 3Mbps. I can live with that.

  Dipso 15:59 28 Jan 2007

So it isn't the card's speed that's limiting the connection.

Another poster on a different forum found tweaking was the solution. There are some other suggestions you could try. (Easier linking than copying the text.) click here=

  Dipso 16:00 28 Jan 2007

Was typing while you posted.

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