Slower and slower !!

  LewWeb 08:24 20 Oct 2005

Purchased 6 months ago new Inteel Pentium 4 Celeron system. 256mb 2.45hz 533fsb.
Server is Tiscali Broadband. Super speed and response to start. Has gradually got slower and slower to a ridiculous level of response.
As I am only using about 30% of my Drive I do not understand why this is happening. I have Norton Internet Security on board. Could this be the reason ? Would appreciate any advice.

  PC Bilbo 09:02 20 Oct 2005

How often do you defrag your system?

  Jackcoms 09:40 20 Oct 2005

Or do any PC housekeeping?

Also, if you purchased the PC 6 months ago, I assume it came with Windows XP?

If so, 256mb RAM is the absolute bare minimum to run XP. 512mb (or more) is the ideal. You might want to purchase more memory.

  thedarkside 10:05 20 Oct 2005

Try emptying out Temporary Internet Files - if left unattended to they can get to epic proportions.
click here

Also sounds like you have adware or malware on your PC. It's so easy to pick up and can really slow down a system.
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  jack 10:10 20 Oct 2005

More memory for sure , with 256 the system can barely look after itself - the scratch disk will be working overtime.
So up the memory ASAP.
Defrag the disk frquently [Start/Programs/Accessories/System Tools.
Download CCleaner and run that frquently
Make sure your A/V and fire wall are all as they should be.
Go to Start/ and in the Leftand column you will see a list of programs that are start on startup [The start Group] right click each in turn and click renove from group.
The philosophy here is it you aint using it dont run it.

  rmcqua 10:28 20 Oct 2005

If you can get hold of a piece of software called System Suite by VCom (or similar, there are several system maintenance tools out there) and clean up/defrag your registry, this can make a big difference to speed. I use the registry clean up tool every 2/3 months and it always makes a noticeable difference. The first time I used it, the difference was amazing !
PS. This is in addition to adding more RAM, which you definitely need.

  DieSse 10:43 20 Oct 2005

NIS will be sluging the speed of your system - NOD32 gives you superior AV protection, much faster speed, lower system overhead, faster updates, less system problems - and no need to buy a new version every year (new versions are included in the annual fee. click here You would also need a firewall - I use free Sygate personal.

Contrary to popular opinion, WinXP runs OK with 256Mb RAM - I've done so on a number of occasions, and can hardly tell the difference from running with 512Mb, except when doing a few tasks. However it remains true that 512Mb will be better - it cannot be responsible for huge slowdowns in itself.

Running Disk Cleanup will help, by getting rid of unnecessary clutter and tempoary files.

Downloading and running ccleaner, adawre, Spybot and A² will remove all the other rubbish that accumulates whilst surfing (however, if you have a lot of adware/spyware, this should tell you what a poor job NIS is doing!).

After a cleanup, a defrag *should* be carried out - but it's not a panacea. I defrag about every 6 months - I can never tell the difference between before and after.

There are hardware problems than can cause slowdons - chiefly gard disk problems - read errors causing frequent re-reads of data can slow things down massively - I've seen systems that have almost ground to a halt, without actually brining up an error screen. Download and run Everest click here and look at the SMART parameters for the drive - this should tell you if anything untoward is happening. You can also get diagnostic programs frm the disk drive manufacturers site (Everest will tell you who the manufacturer is). WARNING - if you run these diagnostics, READ THE INSTRUCTIONS carefully - some of the tests will destroy the data on your drive.

  DieSse 10:46 20 Oct 2005

Spelling !!!

adawre = Adaware

slowdons = slowdowns

gard disk = hard disk

I plead only age and trying to make my typing faster!

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