Slower PC, is HD to blame?

  Muzz_former_aol_employee 14:37 08 Nov 2004

I am running an Athlon XP2800 with 1gb DDR RAM and Windows XP Pro. I have always prided myself in running a fast secure and clean PC.

My PC has two drives, one is a 40gb Maxtor 7200rpm drive for all my work, OS, mp3's, apps etc the other is an 80gb Maxtor 7200rpm drive for games only.

I regularly do virus, spyware scans and registry cleans etc and if I find any problems I always throughly clean and even remove registry entries and startup problems. My pc has always booted up straight into Windows and within 20 seconds is ready to use.

Right lets get to the point, I'll start typing rubbish. The second drive failed recently so was replaced with exactly the same model, I had a backup image of that drive and used that to restore everything. Since then my pc has slowed down when booting and its slow to open a lot of applications. The drive seems a bit noisey and is chugging a little when anything is accessed off it.

I think this could be the problem? anyone got any opinions?

  Gongoozler 16:44 08 Nov 2004

Modern drives are generally very quiet, so if you hear excessive chugging there is a problem, but unless the noise is rattly I doubt that it is a hardware one. My suspicion is that the backup restoration hasn't gone quite right. I'm not sure from your description if the backup is of the primary drive with Windows, or the seconadary drive with your saved files. If it is the primary, then I would prefer to see a clean reinstall. If it is the secondary with the saved files, I think your applications may be looking in the wrong place for the data, and hence generating a lot of hard drive activity in the search..

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