Slower than expected broadband

  Tankie 74 19:24 30 Sep 2005

I've just seen the discussion of 27.8.05 re slow broadband. I upgraed from ISP the mail to AOL 9.0 recently. Things seemed OK but now the connection is very slow. Takes about 2 mins to connect. Sometimes fail. PC is also slow booting up and shutting down. PC is along way from where phone line comes into the house. 3 phones on line with 3 filters. Speed in bottom RH corner of screen is DSL Modem Tx 288 kbps Rx 2272 kbps. Think thats enough for now
Tankie 74

  Tankie 74 19:58 30 Sep 2005

Forgot to mention I'm on 9.0 Silver with AOL
Tankie 74

  patsyanne 20:03 30 Sep 2005

I am on aol broadband silver my speeds are Tx 288Kbps RX 1152 i havnt any idea what that means but looks like your speed is better than mine ,have you tried running Aol broadband check up ? i just did and mine comes out as optimal which is their way of say perfect, but since i downloaded the new drivers for the modem i keep getting cut off the internet .

  patsyanne 20:05 30 Sep 2005

So you are on Silver so why are your speeds different than mine ? maybe to do with the phone exchange ?

  patsyanne 20:12 30 Sep 2005

Look i found this click here

  p;3 20:52 30 Sep 2005

was wondering how far away from your phone socket are you , as perhaps you have too long a lead or the wrong type?

and I find it somewhat odd that a Broadband gets disconnected (mine is BTBB and I can always connect within about 5 seconds and has not, so far, disconnected itself::))

  wee eddie 23:21 30 Sep 2005

Do you mean - How long it takes AOL to boot.

This could be your PC. When you click the AOL Icon, your PC has to fire up (load) AOL's Software, before you can access AOL itself.

Your Router is permanently connected while it's turned on.

Click Hotmail and you're there - well just about.

  patsyanne 08:28 01 Oct 2005

computer is a about 24ft from my phone socket and if i walk away from the computer say for a hour i get the message saying my connection has been lost but i never had any of these problems before i downloaded newmodem driver updates from Aol.

  patsyanne 10:07 01 Oct 2005

Sorry Tankie 74 i didnt mean to pinch your threadi was just wondering why we have different speeds .

  Tankie 74 15:29 01 Oct 2005

Just to put a little more meet on the discussion.
Speed 288/2272 is constant. I have just deleted all TIFiles, Disk Cleanup & defraged.Didn't really need doing. 52% of C disk free. Frien living 300 yards away using AOL 9.0 has same speed 288/2272 but his is lightning fast. He uses same He however has 93% free disk space.
I have tried disabling everything: msconfig; disabl all. Still took approx 1min 25 to get to AOL home page from first click on desktop icon.
I am running Norton AV 2003; Adware 6.0; Spybot & Search; AOL Computer check; AOL Spywhere Protection; Spywhere Protection from AOL all on the Desktop.
Thanks for your thoughts so far.
Tankie 74

  patsyanne 16:25 01 Oct 2005

But you dont have to have all AOL rubbish being loaded up you can get on the internet another way still using AOL ,you uninstall AOL then use another connection maybe some one who can explain it better will say how to do it, i been told AOL hogs your computer and i never use anything on AOL i get straight on firefox

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