Slowdown in Outlook Express

  Frosty120 10:33 15 Nov 2004

I did search my problem before creating this and I found a posting called:
"slow, slow outlook express
posted by jim409"
However it would not open (maybe because the last response was in 2002).
So if this has been answered before, I'm sorry, but I will have to start a new thread as I could not find any other related postings.

My problem is that Outlook Express has slowed
down significantly. It now takes a few seconds between clicking on a folder and it displaying the emails as oppose to appearing instantly, its very irritating and counter productive. It happened literally overnight and I don't know why.
I have recently got Tesco broadband which is connected to another machine. I connect to that machine for my internet connection via an ethernet cable.
I have also installed Norton Internet Security Suite 2005, however I have this installed on both machines and it hasn't caused any problems with outlook express on the other system.
I haven't installed SP2 on this machine yet.
I have four accounts in Outlook Express.
Does anyone know what I've done to cause this slowdown?
I'd appreciate any help you can give me.
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  woodt 10:49 15 Nov 2004

If you have removed IM or disabled it, this may be your solution click here

  woodt 10:52 15 Nov 2004

This site has more info click here

  Frosty120 11:08 15 Nov 2004

The problem isn't really that Outlook Express is slow to open, it seems to open fine.
But when I open different folders within Outlook Express it takes its time displaying the emails in top right pane.
I've looked through those sites. I searched for the two registry strings and one I found (the one from the tweakXP site), I don't know if its supposed to be there or not, and to be honest I dont fancy messing with the registry.
I have been playing with IM software recently, I set up my new email address to work with MSN IM 6.2 and have left my old address to use Windows Messenger. Could that be anything to do with it?
Any other suggestions?

  scotty 11:16 15 Nov 2004

If you have lots of messages in a folder, OE can slow down. The OE files also hold information about deleted messages. First thing to try is to use the OE tool called compress (or compact) which will remove the history about deleted messages. Secondly, organise you messages into separate folders to keep the number of messages in any folder less than about 200.

  Frosty120 22:32 21 Jun 2005

I do have lots of messages! and I don't want to delete them! Thats why I use Outlook instead of webmail in the first place!
But I guess that after 3 years of use its bound to get a bit clogged up.
I think I'll wait for Outlook 7!
In the meantime if I get enough free time, I might trying moving my messages to another machine to see if it's still slow.
Anyway, thanks for all your advice.
Speak soon,

  Stuartli 22:59 21 Jun 2005

There was an Internet Explorer cummulative security update last week:

click here

  Frosty120 21:24 23 Sep 2008

Just got Outlook 2007, it seems to be far better!

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