slow wireless network connection

  MrsGrumpy 16:52 02 Sep 2006

Recently bought new pc. with wireless connection. set up old plc with linksys router. Which works fine. the new pc wireless connection has a poor signal strength off and on and the connection keeps disconnecting and has to be repaired. the Ralink wireless LAN card keeps disconnecting also. Have I been sold a naff product or is it set up wrong and if so how do I correct it. It takes ages for web pages to load. Hence the name Mrs Grumpy !!

  mgmcc 18:10 02 Sep 2006

You don't say whether the old PC, which works fine, is connecting to the router by ethernet cable or wirelessly.

If it's only the new PC which is "wireless", try changing the Channel number of the wireless network from the default setting of 11. Change it to something like 6 or 3 and see if that makes a difference.

Make sure there are no mobile or cordless phones close to either the router or the PC's wireless adapter. Don't locate the router or PC close to large metal objects, in particular central heating radiators.

  MrsGrumpy 18:23 02 Sep 2006

How do I check the channel.
Thanks for your help host pc ok.

  mgmcc 18:37 02 Sep 2006

Open the router's Setup pages by entering its IP address ( into you web browser. Select the "Wireless" tab and, in the Basic Wireless Settings, there should be a box to set the Wireless Channel. (I'm going by my router which is the Linksys WRT54GS used with Cable broadband.)

<<< host pc ok >>>

When using a router, there is no *HOST* PC. Both PCs connect to the router and get their internet access over the Local Area network from the router and they have an equal status in the network. You MUST NOT have Windows "Internet Connection Sharing" set up on any connection in either PC.

  amateurann 18:39 02 Sep 2006

Just a thought. Is your wireless connection connecting to your router or someone elses. Mine occasionally connects to a neighbours unsecured signal and I have to reconfigure the management settings. I also have a Railink card but find it really good. My router is 40 feet away through two brick walls.

  MrsGrumpy 19:03 02 Sep 2006

Thanks for your help everyone - changed to channel 6 so I'll see how I go on.
It doesnt seem too slow when old pc (the one connected to the router) is switched off

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