Slow USB 2 connection

  Gleick 19:55 13 Aug 2005

I recently bought a LaCie external hard drive and a Belkin 3-port PCI USB card. The USB 2 connection to the LaCie external hard drive is very slow - exactly the same speed as my USB 1
ports in fact. I have installed the USB 2 driver that came with the Belkin PCI card and the Device Manager in Windows correctly reports the new USB ports as Standard Enhanced PCI to USB Host Controller and NEC PCI to USB Open Host Controller, as the documentation indicates should be the case. There are no reported conflicts or problems in Device Manager. If I plug the LaCie into one of the USB 1 sockets it immediately tells me that it is capable to operating at a faster
rate, while when I plug into the USB 2 socket I get no such response, so it appears to recognise the faster USB port as existing. Why then does the data transfer occur at the same slow rate as a USB 1? I am using XP Home with SP2 installed.

  pk470 22:51 13 Aug 2005

If you have a USB2 device and a USB1 device connected on the same USB2 card then it will run at USB1 speed only.

  Gleick 19:38 14 Aug 2005

Thanks for the prompt response and the info - but the only item connected to the USB port is the LaCie hard disk, which is a USB 2 device.

  Totally-braindead 20:40 14 Aug 2005

Have you looked at the LaCie site to see if theres anything there? If the device is USB 2 and you connect to a USB 2 socket it should be quicker, since the USB 2 ports appear to be ok (no warning that the device can run faster and its shown as enhanced ) then either the drive has a fault which I consider unlikely or there is some setting or updated driver which should be ticked or downloaded. Wjat this is I just don't know but perhaps either someone else on the site will have had the same problem or LaCie may have the solution. Good luck.

  joethebow 23:03 14 Aug 2005

I have exactly the same problem on my old PC. I have USB 1 with a USB 2 card. Using an external USB HDD on either the existing USB 1 or new USB 2 ports the thing runs like a slug.

Connect it to my new PC with USB 2 built in it runs as fast as the internal drives.

I'm not sure but I believe it's something to do with the speed of the PCI interdace that the USB 2 card is arrached to.

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