Slow Tiscali Broadband

  riscuser 19:02 13 Jul 2007

I have just started using Tiscali Max Broadband, all appeared ok until 11 July when the Line was transfered from BT to Tiscali. I was advised that the line would only support about 2.3Mbps so I excepted that, but i now have a service which is less that Dial up, sometimes as low as 20Kbps.

I have noticed that the Tiscali Broadband Status when I click on the 2 monitors icon in the system tray indicates that the connection speed is 2.2Mbps whilst the activity shows 5,887,250 bytes received and 485,302 Bytes sent the errors are 1,591 this is within a time scale of about 15 minutes.

Any idea to what is wrong, I am still waiting test results from the ISP.

The modem is connected to the main NTE5 via the filter with no other equipment connected to that filter and all other telephones connected are via filters, at other fixed extensions. I have changed the filters, and before 11.7. 07 I was able to stream new 24, but not now as it only last for 5 seconds before it needs buffering again!

  Dipso 23:13 13 Jul 2007

Optimise your internal telephone wiring by following this guide click here

Can you post your line stats from your mode/router click here

  riscuser 18:24 16 Jul 2007

I am not sure how to respond to an answer to my original question, but I was advised to download DrSpeedTouch, this I have done and run it, the Diagnostics give :-
1, My Computer OK
2, SpeedTouch OK
4, Internet, Problem is detected to the internet.
On clicking Troubleshoot I am presented with
Connecting to a Website Failed
Dr SpeedTouch was unable to reach a Website via HTTP.

This is typically due to an incorrect Proxy Server configuration. Using a Proxy Server is currently disabled.

Please make sure no Firewall or local proxy software is preventing Dr SpeedTouch from connecting to the Internet.

Verify your service provider installation instructions for Proxy Server configuration and press the link below to verify or reconfigure your computer's Internet Settings.

I have checked as shown and all the settings on my Computer as per the examples, so I have changed nothing.

I am still connecting at 2.1 to 2.5Mbps but still only get a down load reading on DrSpeedtouch of between 0Kbps to about 460Kbps, I have tested the line vie BT wholesale and it confirms the line is capable of 2.2 or greater, and possibly 8Mbps.

I have tried the filter and modem at the test socket of the NTE5 and did get 2.5 Mbps, but still the very low downloads of 1 to abut 460Kbps, I have obtained these reading whilst trying to watch news 24 on either IE or Firefox, with only the New 24 window open and only 1 browser at a time. I have asked my isp to contact me after they have had the line tested by BT wholesale who are the suppliers of BB to the ISP.

Has any one any ideas please.

I have tried another filter. and had only the filter and the modem connected to the test skt.

  Dipso 21:13 16 Jul 2007

After you downloaded DrSpeedtouch did you follow this -

Once installed, there should be a new system tray icon appear. Right click on the icon and choose Advanced then Write log file to disk. It will ask you where to save the file - choose your desktop for convenience.

Once the window disappears, double click on the file called drst.xml on your desktop to view your line stats.

  Armchair 21:27 16 Jul 2007

I am with Tiscali, 2MB. It became very slow yesterday afternoon, and it's the same now. A few sites will load (such as this one), but most of them won't. I don't know what's wrong, but if it doesn't start working properly soon I might have to call their support line.

  Totally-braindead 21:34 16 Jul 2007

Tiscalis speedtest if thats any help click here

  Bob The Nob© 21:37 16 Jul 2007

Another thread: click here

This is all to do with their new DNS handler. It stops MSN working, Anti-Virus updating etc etc.

This DNS handler also stop access to many website including ebay at times :(

The problem seems to get worse after 8pm as explained in the other tread.

I have temporarily changed my DNS servers to something else which doesn't fix the problem but helps for the evenings.

Quoted From GANDALF <|:-)> (Sun, 15/07/[email protected]:54
Disconnect from the Internet, then go to Control Panel -> Network Connections. Locate your Tiscali icon or your wireless connection, right-click -> Properties -> "Networking" tab -> highlight "TCP/IP" -> Properties. Put a dot in "Use the following DNS server addresses" and add the following two servers in the two boxes:

Click OK twice when finished.


  Bob The Nob© 21:56 16 Jul 2007

Open DNS Works

click here

  peg 23:14 09 Nov 2007

have similar prob with dr speedtouch opened drst.xml file now what ???? what do u do with that info

  Stuartli 23:36 09 Nov 2007

The main problem may well be, IMHO, that you signed up with this particular ISP...:-)

Which is why I left it a year last April having been a subscriber since WorldOnline days.

  johnnyrocker 10:49 10 Nov 2007

was resolved by?


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