Slow startup with Windows XP

  Mike 15:54 18 Jul 2012

Hi, My wife's laptop is very slow to start approx. 3min. She only uses it on the internet, email and ordering items from stores, the threater and holidays. I used Ccleaner to clear out all the junk and installed Ghostery to try and speed things up.

I see there is a program called TuneXP. at

Has anyone used this and does it work "out the box" or do you have a lot of adjustments to make.

HP/Compaq 6715s 2GB ram Windows XP service pack 3.


  woodchip 16:08 18 Jul 2012

Have you tried removing some startup Items in RUN/MSCONFIG you can put them back if needed, it only stops them starting at boot. Also Anti-virus may be checking the drive at boot

  birdface 17:12 18 Jul 2012

Maybe let us know what security programs she has.Also has she changer her anti-virus program lately without removing the old one properly.

Check in Device manager to see if any problems in there.

If she does not use Windows Defender go into services and stop it from running.Change it from Automatic to disabled.

If she has windows update set to automatic switch it off and update manually the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

Make sure her security programs are not scanning at start up.Set them to run at a different time.

  Mike 17:34 18 Jul 2012

Hi woodchip,

msconfig, I think I have a lot of it off already but I wish I new what to remove for her PC. A list of "must have" would be handy, the built in HP manager stuff thats never used could do with being removed, for example every so often it checks for updates and there never is any.

What happens if you switch of all the start up items, would XP start the thing it needed anyway then start any others as they were needed. I would do that but afraid I would prevent it starting.

When I look at processes running in Task Manager there is quite a lot. I have 63 in my Parallels XP on my Mac.

Yes, AV defiantly running at boot, its Panda and I asked them about it and was told thats the way it works, to catch anything that comes down the network connection before XP starts.

  Mike 17:51 18 Jul 2012

Hi buteman,

Panda Global Protection 2012, and there is only one version in Program Files.

Device manager all OK, and no windows Defender.

Windows updates on automatic, is there a reason for manual 2nd Tuesday / Month

Panda say I cannot change scan startup. But I only do full scan once a week.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 18:44 18 Jul 2012

Cut down on the programs that load at start up -- Start - Run type msconfig - start up tab- untick everything except for firewall, antivirus and antispyware

and the services that run in the background. [][5]

  birdface 18:51 18 Jul 2012

[Windows updates on automatic]It always runs the updates the 2nd Tuesday of every month so we all know when to download them.

It scans quite often looking for updates which slows down your computer.Try it for a few days with it switched off and if no difference switch it back on.

Have you any other security program like Spybot or Malwarebytes.

And what Anti-virus did she have before using panda.

I have used a few of the big security Suites and removed them because they slow the system down.

Is it Tune Up utilities that you were thinking of.Unfortunately it is a pay for program.I have it on my computers just now and find it Ok.

2Gb of ram should be plenty for XP how about her hard drive does she still have plenty room on that.

msconfig I have only got 5 programs that start with that.

  Mike 19:16 18 Jul 2012

Hi Fruit Bat /\0/\

OK will do as instructed in msconfig.

Link to blackviper - error 404 not found, but typed in windows services XP, and got a big list of services, click on Alater and it would appear that this is disabled at start up.

So if I go down my list of services and check against the list and set as listed under SP3.

Is that correct.

  Mike 19:45 18 Jul 2012

Hi buteman,

OK to Auto updates

Malwarebytes, run when my wife complains about problems.

Only ever had Panda, started in 2002 with first secondhand laptop for Daughter, now have it on 3 machines, only once had a big problem but downloaded a Linux rescue disk from Panda, fixed it all. I kinda like the service I get from them.

Have Tune Up utilities on an other machine, speeds up startup ok but slows down explorer, settles town after being on for a while. Decided not to use on Wife LT.

It was TuneXP, last references seems to be around Dec 2011. Version 1.5

Plenty room an HD she only saves page addresses from IE

Going to follow Fruit Bat /\0/\ thread and see what happens.

  woodchip 23:44 18 Jul 2012

I have updates set to Manual, then it loads what I want not what it says I need. Also when I want to run it like from Programs in Start Menu

  woodchip 23:48 18 Jul 2012

PS in MSCONFIG leave Touchpad running as also Wireless If it connects by Wireless. If any gives problems you can get at them using F8 safe mode to put them back

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