Slow start with wireless network.

  birdface 00:00 28 Jul 2011

Every day MSE was giving warnings of a couple of Trojans.Malwarebytes and Emisoft Antimalware found no problems.

Dowmnloaded about 20 updates from Windows today and then the Screen would freeze on start up with MSE just showing red in the Taskbar.

Had to force the shut down a few times but it would start in safe mode.

Decided it might have been a problem with MSE so deleted it.

Computer now starts again in normal mode but it takes ages to connect to the internet through the wireless connection,Everything else starts Ok.

Rolled back the driver and that made it worse.So deleted it and let microsoft update it again.

The wireless connection starts about 5 minutes after everything else.

Just wondered if anyone new a way for the wireless connection to start quicker.

Only 5 programs in msconfig so not that.Windows XP But no XP SP3 disc to use and it will not work using the other method so cannot try sfc /scannow.

It is a D-link usb dongle or whatever it is called.

Will probably go back up to the daughters house tomorrow sometime to have another look at it but know very little about wireless connections.

Computer is about 7 years old now so it has seen better days but it does them.

  Taff™ 01:03 28 Jul 2011

Morning buteman. After 7 years the entire system could do with reinstalling from scratch - has that been done in the last 3 years? Secondly, I've lost track of which daughter's machine this is so post back the make and model and include the D-Link USB dongle model as well. (On the back in small print - probably. It could have been the one I recommended you to buy 5 years ago. LOL ;0))

In the absence of the old yellow envelope feel free to e-mail me on the last e-mail address we used but I`m out during the day until the weekend. Catch you soon if someone else doesn't help out ....

  birdface 06:03 28 Jul 2011

Hi Taff it is my old Time Computer and was reformated less than a year ago.

Actually I was just trying a repair on it then and missed the repair sign and ended up doing a reformat.

Basically it has been slow to start up for some time so they usually keep it on all day when they are at home.

Lots of room left on C Drive and has 2Gb of memory.

Router is upstairs and the computer is downstairs.

The kids have used and abused a few laptops so she is determined not to buy any more.

Ran Clean Up and C Cleaner to get rid of the junk that may have removed a few of the cookies that were needed.

Apart from that it seems to start up fairly quick but have to wait a fair bit for the Wireless to kick in.

  Secret-Squirrel 09:17 28 Jul 2011

Hi buteman

Is the wireless connection being managed by XP's own utility or the software that came with the D-Link adapter?

  birdface 09:36 28 Jul 2011


Not sure how to check.I am not used to wireless connections as I do not have one.

All I know is the when the D-link adapter was installed Microsoft updated the driver for it and it worked straight away.

That was about 6 months ago until I removed it yesterday and Microsoft updated it again.

So not sure what settings to check for on XP.

  Taff™ 09:46 28 Jul 2011

The D-Link utility has a branded user interface and you`d know if it was. D-Link currently favour using the Windows one.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:13 28 Jul 2011

"Not sure how to check......So not sure what settings to check for on XP"

There are at least three ways - when you're next at the PC, look at the icons in XP's Notification Area for a third-party wireless utility. You can hover the mouse pointer over each icon to see a description.

Also, go to Control Panel -> Network Connections -> right-click the wireless network icon -> Properties -> "Wireless Networks" tab. If the "Use Windows to configure my wireless network settings" is ticked then you know that XP is managing the connection. Conversely, if the option's not ticked or you don't have a Wireless Networks tab you know the connections being managed by other software.

Lastly, look in MSconfig as that's where you'll find any third-party utilities.

Following on from Taff's post, if you find that the connection's being managed by D-link software, either tell it to use Windows's utility instead, or disable it in MSconfig and tick the "Use Windows...." option I mentioned earlier.

A lot of wireless connection issues are caused by third-party programs and simply switching to XP's own built-in method frequently helps.

  birdface 10:23 28 Jul 2011

Well I will have to say as I changed it yesterday I am not sure.

Since I changed it a big D comes up in the Taskbar but the computer does not connect to that I do not think.

It appeared yesterday and said no connection from it.So not sure if it sorted itself out or whether it is connecting from XP.

At the moment I have no access to her house to check things out so hoping to get up there about 12 O'clock.

I got her to run Emisoft Antimalware before going to her work and my grandson said it had found a few things on it before he came here.

As she has no idea as to what security programs are she has probably started malwarebytes instead.

She had a D-Link icon on the computer which I tried but got nowhere so maybe she had a disc for it at one time.

  Taff™ 10:47 28 Jul 2011

You are correct with the big D in the taskbar. Green when connected and Red when not but the GUI may still be the Windows Zero Configuration. If it is using the Windows one right click the icon which looks like 2 monitors side by side, and select view wireless networks. When that pops up have a look at "Changing the order or priority" - delete any you don't recognise from the lists leaving just her own router.

  Secret-Squirrel 10:50 28 Jul 2011

"Well I will have to say as I changed it yesterday I am not sure"

It sounds like you changed its drivers whilst Taff and I having been talking about connection managers.

  birdface 11:38 28 Jul 2011

That was yesterday I have not seen it today yet but will follow your directions closely if I get up there.

Yes I was talking about drivers as I was not sure about Connection Managers or how to use them But now I know what to look for now. Thanks.

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