Slow start up on computer

  dugit 11:56 08 Aug 2005

I have Packard Bell computer with windows XP.
Recently when I switch on I get the screen showing microsoft Windows XP then screen goes completly blank for about 90 seconds then screen lights up again and everything seems to be OK.
Can anyone tell me maybe whats going wrong,or what do I need to do?

  Technotiger 13:24 08 Aug 2005

Hi, assuming you have not made any recent changes, perhaps all you need to do is a little bit of 'housework'. I would suggest, in this order - in IE got to Tools>InternetOptions>Temp InternetFiles, then delete Cookies and Files.
Next - right-click on desktop and hover over Arrange Icons by, but then go to Run Desktop Cleanup Wizard. Next - do a full virus check with whatever virus prog you use; then do the same with Ad-Aware SE Pers (click here).
Next -Go to Start>AllPrograms>Accessories>SystemTools> and do a DiskCleanup ..... then via same route do a Disk Defrag. Restart after all this and hopefully your general Startup should be quicker.


  Completealias 13:30 08 Aug 2005

You could also check the files that are loading at startup from the run prompt type msconfig and then goto the startup tab, look through the list for anything that loads at startup that isn't neccessary such as quicktime or msn updater, don't remove anything that your unsure about you can always post back here with the item to get others advice.

Don't remove items such as your firewall, antivirus and antispyware apps from loading at startup.

  dugit 22:25 08 Aug 2005

Have tried all suggested but no change.
Last resort I will try recovery program if nothing else comes up.
Many thanks nevertheless for replies.

  Completealias 01:10 09 Aug 2005

Did you install any software or updated drivers or add new hardware recently?

  dugit 07:35 09 Aug 2005

No software or drivers added as far as I can remember.

  Completealias 14:01 09 Aug 2005

TRy running the system file checker through in case its a windows problem.

At the run prompt type sfc /scannow (note the space its ment to be there). This will run through and check files that are neccessary to windows. There is a page here that will explain about it click here

  Micro-Man 15:50 09 Aug 2005

Ive found some network card/motherboard combinations do this if the network is not connected. Does your mobo have a network port which is not used, if so try disabling it in device manager.

  flimbo 16:42 09 Aug 2005

Or try Microsoft's Bootvis available here
click here

  dugit 07:38 10 Aug 2005

Have run sfc /scannow.
It came up with "insert your windows xp professional cd-rom" now.I have no cd-rom.
I completed "windows file protection" by skip/cancelling each time it stopped which was ten times.
I am lost what to do?

  Completealias 14:09 10 Aug 2005

Firstly search your hard drive and look for a folder name I386. If you have that there then there is a way round the no windows disk from the link I posted above but you do need to be confident with regedits.

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