slow start

  striker11 12:57 14 Mar 2008

my computer has become very slow in the initial start mode from when i turn it on until it loads my settings menu , can anyone help

  Clapton is God 13:46 14 Mar 2008

Have you done any PC housekeeping recently?

  striker11 16:54 14 Mar 2008

yes alot of cleaning up but still slow start up

  Clapton is God 16:58 14 Mar 2008

Do you really need all the programs you have on the PC?

Have you used msconfig to disable unnecessary programs/processes running in the background? This will help click here

  striker11 18:56 14 Mar 2008

yes i am only using 16% of my memory

  striker11 19:19 14 Mar 2008

its just when i turn on comp until the blue dots go across screen which is really slow

  CodenameCueball 10:29 15 Mar 2008

Do you know how much RAM you have? To check - click start, select 'Run', and type in 'winver' (no quotes). At the bottom it will tell you the Physical Memory Avaiable. tell us what you have.
The computer im on now says this: click here

  striker11 12:35 15 Mar 2008

512 mb

  Bogbrain 15:08 15 Mar 2008

If you're on any version of Win XP 512 meg of ram is barely enough to run everything, so it seems like a lack of ram problem - just add some more memory. Even if it doesn't solve the problem it won't do your pc any harm to install more memory as most pc's support way more than 512 meg of ram . . . .

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