Slow start up?

  NGE 15:08 02 Apr 2004

Hello, i am having problems with the speed of my startup. Before everything loaded up in perfect time, but now for some reason, the network icon takes quite a while to show before the antivirus can be enabled. This is getting to be quite annoying, and after that it doesnt affect the performance of the computer at all. Thanks for any help.

  xania 15:12 02 Apr 2004

What OS? Can you pin-point anything that you installed just before the start-up? Also take a look at all the stuff you are loading at start-up and see what you don't need.

  NGE 15:25 02 Apr 2004

Hi, im running windows xp pro. All the things that startup on msconfig were already there before this was happening, i haven't installed anything lately.

  xania 16:06 02 Apr 2004

This could simply be down to the way the antivirus software is working. You may think its waiting for the network icon, but this may just be your processor using more power to load the software. You might check to see if you are doing a virus scan every time you boot up - you may have accidentally reset something there or a recent update may have done this for you - if so, you don't really need this, especially if your software is kept up to date, and this could take some time to run.

Otherwise, the only thing I can suggest is to perhaps reduce some of those installs in MSCONFIG, but that won't explaion why this is suddenyl happening.

Sorry - that's the best I can do.

  GaT7 16:17 02 Apr 2004

This may be helpful - click here. It also involves removing 'useless' startup items - worth a try until someone can come up with something better.

Some suggest this, but is a long shot at best - click here. To download the Bootvis.exe tool - click here

This problem can be frustrating. I'm on Win98se & startups slow down seemingly for no explicable reason. This happens even though I wouldn't have changed anything, like you. Suppose it's still some startup component(s) that are causing this & may have become 'dodgy' in the way they load or interactively load with other components.

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