Slow Shutdown with Zone Alarm

  heavymetalkid 22:56 18 Apr 2005

I recently updated my free Zone Alarm to the new 5.5 Since then my machine now takes much longer to shut down, and sometimes it freezes completely on the blue screen. When this happens, even the main power switch won't turn it off.....only the reset button. I'm running XP professional. Never any problems with the old Zone Alarm, Can anyone help/

  Totally-braindead 23:00 18 Apr 2005

I have the latest zone alarm and this doesn't happen to me, so either its a coincidence and something else is causing it or perhaps something from your old firewall has been left behind and is causing it. If you switch zone alarm off totally and switch off does it still happen?

  heavymetalkid 23:13 18 Apr 2005

Greetings pal.....yeah still happens???

  heavymetalkid 23:13 18 Apr 2005

Greetings pal.....yeah still happens???

  Totally-braindead 23:16 18 Apr 2005

If it still does it when the firewall is disabled then it suggests to me that that is not causing the problem. Have you tried using system restore to go back to before you had the problem, its a good place to start.

  Totally-braindead 23:18 18 Apr 2005

Wait a second just reread your original post about the switch off thing. Are you saying that if you press the power switch, and bear in mind you have to press and hold it in for 5 seconds or so, the PC will not switch off? Is this right?

  heavymetalkid 23:24 18 Apr 2005

Sorry mate, I'm confusing you. Typing mistake...Firewall turned off and it shuts down properly. Re holding switch for 5 secs.....haven't held it for that long----should I have?

  Totally-braindead 23:33 18 Apr 2005

Its the way the power supplies work now if the PC locks up, but never mind that just now. If it shuts down properly then it is zone alarm thats causing the problem. Try system restore, if that fails then remove zone alarm using add/remove programs in control panel and then try reinstalling and see what happens. This is the only firewall you have active isn't it? You haven't accidently enabled the Windows one as well?

  heavymetalkid 23:42 18 Apr 2005

You are tremendously helpfull and I'm very gratefull. I'll uninstall and re install in the morning, then let you know. Gracias Amigo.

  heavymetalkid 00:28 20 Apr 2005

Greetings mate,re your advice to uninstall and re-install, before I do (slightly reluctant because of resetting)even though computer has slowed down considerably,it mostly shuts down between one and three minutes now, depending on what I have been doing.
Would these shutdown times be acceptable to you?

  Jak_1 01:06 20 Apr 2005

That's a tad excessive for a shutdown. Suggestlooking at what's running in background. Run all antispyware and up to date AV also. See what happens when you end all programs via taskamanager and then shut down, also chec running processes.

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