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  Housten 16:45 16 Jul 2011

Good Afternoon,

Last weekend I did a fairly substantial maintenance load of work. I ran Malwarebytes, Superantispyware ( free edition ), Advanced SystemCare 4 and Ccleaner! I do not wear a watch these days - being retired – so I ‘time’ how long my computer takes by counting the number of times the circle at the start and end goes round. The ‘circle’ is the one beside the ‘Welcome’ sign when booting the computer and beside the ‘Shutting Down’ sign when switching off. Up until last weekend when booting I could count up to 40 – 60 revolutions regularly, but I seem to have sorted that as the count has come down to ( usually ) less than 10. However the ‘problem’ – if I can call it that – is tht the shut down ‘time’ has now somewhat escalated. I didn’t really used to count these but when I did it was less than 20, now it is sometimes as low as 85 and I have got up to 165 on a regular basis. There was another post about slow shutdown and I saw it, down loaded the MS programmes and tried to install that as it would appear that the programme helped quite a lot of people. Not me. The programme wouldn’t even install! So I am still looking at what I think of as .long’ shut down periods. If anybody has another idea as to how to speed up this process I would be very grateful!

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:10 16 Jul 2011

Op system?

  Snrub 20:09 16 Jul 2011

The more programs you have running the longer it takes to shut down especially if there is a missing file. Windows 7 does a forced shutdown to running programs that either hang or you haven't shut down manually. What is often surprising is how many programs load at start up. Look at 'start up' in Advanced SystemCare 4 and untick non essential programs, obviously keep your security program (antivirus and firewall) but be ruthless with updaters etc. I have just disabled Superantispyware from start up because I found by viewing Process Explorer that it was consuming large amounts of system overhead (cpu time) on start up and continued to do so for lengthy periods with no obvious benefits since it was not scanning and does not working real-time in the free version. It's still there to run from the desktop if a malware check is required.

You say that you have done a lot of maintenance updates and many of these place the software in the ‘start up’ section so it is advisable to check the start up items on a regular basis because they slow down the start up and shut down functions often running programs that you are not aware are running. Process Explorer is an ideal diagnosis tool to spot running programs that consume system resources and potentially is a starting point for identifying problem software.

Suggest you check the above first which is straightforward and if not resolved you are left with maybe a corrupt or missing file in your OS.

  Les28 10:30 17 Jul 2011

Is this the recent posting from someone with a slow shut down problem you mentioned?

link text

If the MS programme you mentioned downloading that wouldn't install was the UPHC service, the supported operating systems for that fix are Windows 2000, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP as explained in the MS article and the poster had XP and also the fix is advised if you have 1517 and or 1524 event ids showing in Event Viewer. Don't know whether this is the posting you are referring to and whether your operating system is XP and you have 1517 and 1524 errors in Event Viewer.

  Housten 13:08 17 Jul 2011

Good afternoon,

many thanks to all three of you for your posts!

Fruit Bat /\0/\

Many apologies I should have said I am using Windows 7 Home Premium 64 Bit, with Avast! as my anti-virus.


Having only discovered all of Advanced SystemCare's tools last weekend I have just re-checked the list. I was surprised that I had left SuperAntispyware on. Out of the 6 programmes listed I had finished feeling good that I had stopped 3 of them being started automatically. I have now stopped SuperAntispyware, and have left the last two - these are Desktop gadgets and Avast! - so I will have to see what happens now and report back, probably tomorrow.

Les28 You are quite right about the other post and the programme. I downloaded it knowing that windows 7 was not listed but on the stupid assumption that NS would have updated it. How wrong can I be??

Will let you know what happens when I shut down tonight!

  Housten 14:46 18 Jul 2011


When I shut down last night there 13 revolutions! I was very pleased and so I thought I would be clever this morning and so did another shut down. This time 89 revolutions! Disaster! So I got Superantisyware to do a full scan, deleted a couple a couple of programmes and them I ran Advance SystemCare 4. I also noticed that part of AS4 ( Quickcare ) was running independently and all the time, so I deleted that as well because when shutting down there was a comment on screen of a forced file closure! Then I shut down and it took 14 revolutions, so I went through the whole sequence again. Booted up played with a couple of files so that changes were made and then shut down again, in 13 revolutions! So thank you all because with your help I think I have managed to crack it!

There is one point I would like to add as an additional query. I am not sure whether it was Superantisyware or Advance SystemCare 4, but one of them got rid of the list of web sites I use that was in the address bar of IE9. Does anyone know what are the instructions I should tick/untick in these two programmes to stop this happening again. It was in another post that I was told which ones in Ccleaner to do and was going to run that this afternoon, as a test as much as anything, but it's somewhat pointless now!! Any advice/help/information would be very much appreciated. Thank you all in advance.

  Snrub 15:55 18 Jul 2011

Here's a tip with Advance SystemCare 4 just untick everything except Privacy Sweep and Junk Files Clean for daily use (short scan)and perhaps say once a week/month tick all and do full scan. I sometimes get the forced file shutdown message in W7 on shutdown but it seems to shut immediately as soon as message comes up. I protect the websites url's with Ccleaner of sites often used and trusted. Superantispyware throws up tracking cookies especially Adaware as malware unless you untick the box for tracking cookies. I only run Superantispyware from the desktop occasionally or if the computer starts behaving oddly as a malware check. Malwarebytes is faster. The other point worth mentioning is if you install software or do a windows update your computer does take longer to shutdown but I am sure you would be aware of this, similarly start up takes longer too.

  Housten 16:14 18 Jul 2011


Many thanks for your comments, just what I wanted. All I have to do now is to get typing to put back in all my 'missing' web sites addresses!

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