slow to say the least, what would you do?

  darthballs 08:29 21 Jun 2007

i've got it all lately! clicking and squeaking that sounds like its from the hard drive, programs going really slow, dma disabling itself so a disc is taking half to burn, 15 mins to print a photo instead of 1-2. black screen of death, sometimes lasting a minute, sometimes 10-15, its benn reformatted by an engineer who said the hard drive was fine, but when i had it back off him, it was ok for a couple of days thern the clicking and all else started again, i repaired with my xp disc, but didn't help much, should i get it back to the engineer? oh and i've checked for malware, viruses etc and found nothing.
what would you do?

  Press Man 08:42 21 Jun 2007

Firstly I would back up all and any documents, music files, photo files etc that you need to keep, on to a cd or dvd, just in case the hdd goes kaput. Then possibly ask the "engineer" to look at it again, or, go and get a new hdd and reload your OS and programmes.

  interzone55 08:49 21 Jun 2007

For the amount that a new HDD costs get a new one, backup your documents & stuff and start afresh with a nice new drive.

From experience most "PC engineers" only realise a drive is knackered once it actually dies on them, as all they'll do is stick it in a caddy and run a quick format, if that works they'll hand the disk back & say it's fine. If they did a scandisk first they'd spot it was faulty. But that would take longer & involve a bit more work.

  darthballs 08:51 21 Jun 2007

thats pretty much what i thought, might it be worth me doing a chkdisk first or is that just time consuming? it took just over a week to get my pc back last time, i got the plus side that its still under guarantee anyway!

  interzone55 20:31 21 Jun 2007

No reason why you shouldn't do a chkdisk, although make sure you do the thorough check, and if it's a big drive allow a good few hours for it to run.

Quick warning though, if you go for a new drive, steer clear of the Samsung drives offered by EBuyer, there's a story on The Register click here which seems to suggest that they are selling OEM drives as retail, and OEM drives only have a 12 month warranty whereas the retail ones come with a 5 year warranty

  Strawballs 22:30 21 Jun 2007

If it is still under warranty and chkdsk comes back with a problem Take it back.

  darthballs 12:21 22 Jun 2007

for your replys, its the hands of the engineer now, i called them out yesterday, not expecting them to turn up till today, but they were there an hour after i called them!! seems bit more promising this time, tho he's gonna do a full check hopefully, and upgrade the memory free if its just the memory playing up, but at least if he does that or even blames and then replaces te fan and it comes back and does it all agian, then i'll know i was right all aong!!

thanks again

  darthballs 10:58 29 Jun 2007

my lovely engineer is bringing my pc home next monday, after putting 1gig of memory in ( it was at a low 256) so lets see how that goes!

thanks for your help guys

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