Slow running PC

  Flying Teddy 13:25 04 Sep 2007

My PC has slowed to about one fifth of its normal speed. This occurred at about the same time as the game 'Broken sword - Angel of Darkness' was installed by my daughter. This may or may not be significant. Needless to say, I have uninstalled the game (including scanning the registry for left-over bits), but there has been no improvement.

I have scanned the PC with AVG, AdAware, CCleaner, Regseeker and Spybot, and found nothing unusual amiss. For a reason I have yet to fathom, there is no restore point available prior to the day of installation. I can't find anything wrong with the RAM, although I'm not sure how the testers I have actually test it!

Motherboard is FoxConn 865A01PE 6EKRS, CPU is Intel Pentium 4 Prescott 3000MHz, running XP Pro SP2, 1.5GB of memory. Updates are, well, up to date.

In 'Task Manager - Perfomance', CPU is working quiescently at anything between 5% and 25%, with kernel activity making up about 90% of its work load, with Core 1 working about 50% as hard as Core 2. Interestingly, Everest Home Edition is listing Core 1 as not doing anything at all, even when Core 2 is working at or near 100% when CPU effort is required.

I have removed everything non-essential from the start-up routine using msconfig, this has little effect. In safe mode, background CPU activity is reduced somewhat, but kernel activity is still making up about 90% of its time. I'm not convinced that doing an XP repair install will improve things, so I'm reluctant to do it, but there seems to be very little left to try.

I cannot use sfc /scannow, as it refuses to recognise my XP CD, saying it is the wrong one, on two different CD players! Windows explorer reads the disc fine... This has only happened after WGA was imposed.

I'd be grateful for any ideas as to what is amiss...

  birdface 13:55 04 Sep 2007

System Idle process should be showing about 97%Is there anything else using up a lot of the CPU.

  PO79 14:04 04 Sep 2007

Try copying the I386 file from your XP CD to your Root drive.

Then go to start\run\ and type REGEDIT

Navigate to


and in the right hand pane right click on SOURCEPATH select modify and change the sourcepath from your CD drive to your root drive (in a default single installation this would be C)

Try running sfc /scannow again.

  Flying Teddy 14:23 04 Sep 2007


System idle is taking a hugely variable amount of CPU effort, approximately between 50 and 70%. The remainder is taken by taskmgr.exe (not surprisingly!) which runs at about 10% and explorer.exe which takes about 15-20%. Other apps - zlclient, csrss, services, svchost etc all taking a few percent each. All highly variable.


Still waiting for the copying to complete!! I'll let you know how I get on - eventually :-)

Thanks for the input..

  Flying Teddy 16:01 04 Sep 2007

I've done the sfc scan (it took 80 minutes!), and there's no improvement. Interestingly, there was one file, when it had got way past the first previous sticking point, when it still wanted me to put in the XP cd (which in fact was already in.. etc). I had to skip the file. Of course in M$'s usual 'we'll decide what you want' fashion, it didn't tell me what the recalcitrant file was named so I don't think I can be able to find it anywhere else, but I'll give it another go and see what happens.

Thanks for your help so far..

  birdface 16:24 04 Sep 2007

If nothing is running on your computer System Idle Process should show about 97$ which is normal other programs should use the remaining 3%.I would think that explorer.exe is your problem,It must be running some sort of program that should not be running.unfortunately i am not able to give you any advice on how to stop it running.But I am sure someone will be able to give you the correct advice.

  uesquebeathus 16:48 04 Sep 2007

you could download a copy of " Hijack this"
from here:- click here

and then run it, print it out and then check the items against the lists in the forum at Castlecops :- click here

there is a tutorial there as well,
the item list can be quite big so patience is a good thing to have, if you rush you could miss something

  Flying Teddy 21:03 04 Sep 2007


Thanks for the steer - looks like a good site. I'm currently doing an AdAware scan prior to doing a HiJackThis scan. AdAware is about half way through and has taken an hour and 45 minutes so far! Told you it was running slow! Will return with an update (if I haven't fallen asleep!).

  birdface 08:00 05 Sep 2007

Have you tried search,And type in Broken Sword or Angel Of Darkness just to see if there are any bits left on your computer,And did it have its own uninstall,Or did you uninstall it from add remove.If so maybe if you re-install it then remove it using its own delete section in all programs.Or you could download Winaso Optimizer trial version. click here Now this will only remove 10 items at a time,But you can run it as often as you like. It also has a registry Defrag on it that works very quick,Well worth a try .I had to run it 14 times before I managed to remove all the unwanted Items,But computer worked a lot faster after that was done.

  Flying Teddy 08:46 05 Sep 2007


Thanks for the info; my method of uninstall is to use whatever uninstaller is provided then do a search for related files and delete them and then do a registry scan for related entries and action those as necessary. Currently I'm running through the various activities recommended by CastleCops prior to submitting a Hijack This log. It's taking a long time due to slow running.. Each scan is taking several hours!

I'll have a look at Winaso - thanks.

Thanks to all for inputs so far.

  Flying Teddy 00:38 08 Sep 2007

A repair install of XP has not fixed it...

I think I'll go to bed!

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