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  The G 17:52 08 Jan 2003
  The G 17:52 08 Jan 2003

ok I have had my Pc for a year now.
but it is slower than it ever was before.
It takes about 10 minutes to start up and I think I know why,
Its to do with the process tree I think. I have lots and lots of programs on my pc trying to start up when i log on, I don't know how to stop it, the pc then runs at a normal good speed after the pc has sorted its self out.

What I want to know is.... Is there a way of stopping all non essensal programs from starting up when I start up the PC

  Elrond 18:03 08 Jan 2003

Go to run type MSCONFIG then click the startup tab. Deselect all the programs you know you don't want to start up

  Diemmess 18:10 08 Jan 2003

Can only speak for Win98.
Use the start button, click on run,.........
Type msconfig enter and click on the startup tab.........
Should see a long list of programs with tick boxes in front of each........

Un-tick every one except.(leaving 4 only)



LoadPowerProfile ................this one usually appears twice for some reason. Leave BOTH alone

Reboot and see what that does.

There may be a shortage of disk space looming. Time to lookaround at desktop level and delete temporary files, and if you are keen all temporary internet files
Take a look for old apps you no longer use and either use their own uninstall program or the Windows one. Neither will scrub everything clean but will help things along.

Worth rebooting each time you do something just to check you haven't been too "thorough" and to give your Registry a chance to adjust before the next change

  The G 18:23 08 Jan 2003

thank you master elrond that worked like magic
and ty Diemmess for your time :)

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