Slow printing on screen

  Housten 12:30 09 Jun 2011

Good afternoon, For the second or third time now I have experienced some odd on-screen printing. The previous times I am not exactly certain where/when they occurred but this morning I made a definite note of where and when it occurred! I was writing an email to a friend - using my ISP TalkTalk - when I noticed that the cursor was moving across the screen but was not printing anything until I stopped typing and then it caught up! What was really odd was that I typed what I wanted to, then watched on the screen as the cursor ( fairly ) slowly worked its way through what I had typed ( character-by-character), then when it had got to where I had stopped all the letters appeared in fairly rapid order. I then – whilst continuing to type my email - played around with it and tested it and I got up to more than a line of 90-odd characters but decided not to risk it further. The really odd thing is that on here or in Word there is no problem, apparently, so although it occurred in TalkTalk and I haven't got tremendous help from them in the past for previous queries, so I thought asking in this forum would bring me more sensible answers. So has anyone any idea of what's happening?? PS This is my second attempt at posting! I thought the new site was supposed to have stopped/solved this problem??

  Housten 10:14 15 Jun 2011

Hi, again,

Please has no one any idea, this is driving me round the bend! Any ideas gratefully accepted!! Please, please help!

  wee eddie 10:20 15 Jun 2011

The usual causes for this are twofold.

Firstly: a slow Internet connection. This is usually a Contention Issue ~ Too many people on-line at the same time.

Secondly: More Programs open than your RAM can happily handle. Either more RAM or have fewer Programs/Tabs open.

  Housten 11:30 16 Jun 2011

wee eddie,

Many thanks for reply. With regard to your comments, the first about slow internet contention issue is something I think no one can do anything about! With regard to your second point I don't have that many programmes open and am using Windows 7 64 Bit with 4 GB ram so I don't think it can be that. What gets, really gets, me is when it does happen - at least the last time - the cursor moves about one character per second and a half and NOTHING appears on the screen until I stop typing and let it stop moving. Really weird!!! I think I may try TalkTalk to see if they know what this could be!

  northumbria61 11:40 16 Jun 2011

My opinion is that it could just be your keyboard especially if it is wireless. If it is wireless make sure there is a good "connect" between keyboard and receiver - maybe try a keyboard driver update.

  woodchip 13:15 16 Jun 2011

First take a look hear

click this link

and look hear

click hear

  wee eddie 13:19 16 Jun 2011

What AV and Anti Malware Software are you running? Possibly a keylogger?

  Housten 16:43 16 Jun 2011


No it is not a wireless keyboard, There is a post about someone saying how good they thought Logitech were - my reply states the exact opposite because I had one of their wireless keyboards and mouse. Only my opinion, admittedly but I wouldn't touch them again.

wee eddie

I use Avast!, ccleaner, malwarebytes and Superantispyware - although I have only used Superantispyware for the last two weeks on a trial I won't be continuing with it as it keeps asking me to update and then refuses to let me do so because as sole user of my computer I, obviously, don't have administrator rights!

  wee eddie 20:42 16 Jun 2011

I think that you've covered all the bases there then.

I doubt that it's the Keyboard's Power Supply, so I think you're stuck with a Contention Issue on your Internet Server. More people trying to use it, at the same time, than it was designed to cope with.

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