slow pc with windows xp

  treblebob 19:28 27 Oct 2005

I've just had windows xp put on my pc but everything reacts very very slow.
My CPU is AMD duron 800mhz..Is this the problem?

  VoG II 19:34 27 Oct 2005

How much memory (RAM) do you have? click here will tell you.

  treblebob 20:37 27 Oct 2005

I have 192 RAM

  VoG II 20:40 27 Oct 2005

That's your problem. You need preferably 512MB for XP to be comfortable.

Belarc should have told you what spare slots you have and also your motherboard model. If you click here and enter the information about your PC in the Crucial Memory Advisor? Tool it will tell you what memory would be suitable.

  treblebob 20:59 27 Oct 2005

the scan tells me I have the following memory:
Slot1: 128MB non parity SDRAM PC133
Slot2: 64MB non parity SDRAM PC100
Max memory capacity 512MB.
It doesn't give me a suitable upgrade option because it can't find the model . although the manufacturer is Silicon Graphics ?

  VoG II 21:43 27 Oct 2005

Try e-mailing Crucial click here

I have found them to be very helpful.

  treblebob 22:11 27 Oct 2005

ok I'll try them.
Thanks very much for your help

  007al 22:55 27 Oct 2005

untilyou get extra memory,try running in classic mode,it turns off all the glitz of windows and allows it to run a little bit quicker.

  treblebob 19:20 31 Oct 2005

How do I run In classic mode?

  007al 20:55 31 Oct 2005

right click your desktop,go to properties,and in thenes and appearance,choose windows classic.wont make a huge difference but every little helps.also choose a blank desktop as it takes time to load a picture one.there are other ways ie changing what programs start up and run in the background.dont know if you want to go into that,if you do then i`ll try to explain it.

  treblebob 21:43 31 Oct 2005

yes please

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