Slow PC Should I try superantispyware?

  bristolgirl 09:22 22 May 2011

Good morning!

My year old pc windows 7 64 bit has really slowed down. I've run avast av and spybot and got rid of any show problems. There is nothing on avast and the problems show up on spybot I manage to clear by running as an administrator. However, my pc is still very slow. I don't think that it is my router as my laptop is not running any slower than it normally does. So I am thinking (and please feel free to tell me otherwise) of running superantispyware. Do I need to run this from a separate memory stick? I seem to remember doing this before and I am also assuming that I have to disable avast.

Thank you again for all your help. I always appreciate any support from this site!

  onthelimit1 09:28 22 May 2011

Superantispyware is a good programme, and may pick up a few nasties that Avast and spybot missed. Would also be worth running CCleaner - a safe and highly thought of registry cleaner. I had a real problem with spybot itself slowing down my (XP) machine, do may be worth disabling it to see if it makes a difference.

  birdface 09:42 22 May 2011

Have a look in Taskmanager to see if anything is using up a lot of the CPU.If nothing running system idle process should be showing about 96% and that is normal.

Anything else let us know what.

Maybe try Hitman Pro first to see how you get on with that.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:58 22 May 2011

No you do not need to disable anything else when running SAS

Disable teatimer in Spybot as this can really slow you down in fact I would uninstall Spybot in favour of SAS or Malwarebytes.

  bristolgirl 10:02 22 May 2011

Hi onthelimit1 and buteman

Many thanks for your replies. I had forgotten about CCleaner (my mind is addled nowadays)! So I will use that. Good advice.

Buteman, my process show to be 67, cpu usage 1% and physical memory 31%. Is this normal?

Also, is Hitman Pro akin to superantispyware? I've not heard of it before.

Many thanks again!!

  birdface 11:09 22 May 2011

Hitman pro is the new one on the block and works very fast.

If it finds anything nastie the you have to activate the licence to remove it. it will then last for 30 days but will remove anything that it finds in that time.

If after 30 days you have to pay for it or remove it.or keep it and still run it ,it will not remove anything but will warn you if you have problems.

I prefer it to Malwarebytes,

Under processes in Task Manager system idle process should be showing about 96% which is normal.

If it is not showing there will be a little box bottom left just tick it to show processes from all users.

If anything else using up a lot of the CPU let us know what.Remember to look under processes.

  bristolgirl 14:39 22 May 2011

Hi again buteman and again thanks!

Sorry for the delay in replying but I've had a devil of a job logging into this site. I have run CCleaner but if anything, my PC seems to be slower. I did look at the Task Manager idle process and it is showing to be around 96%. I can't see anything else that is using a lot of cpu.

Can I ask, should I run hitman pro instead or along side my AV? If it is along side, do I need to disable Avast and possibly Spybot?

Thank you again.

  birdface 15:49 22 May 2011

Use it with, You should not need to disable anything before using.

Have you tried shutting down the tea timer in Spybot as that has been know to slow down things.

I will say I don't think much of Spybot I know others like it and it was very popular years ago maybe think of using Superantispyware instead.

If you are not sure not sure about running Hitman Pro run Malwarebytes free instead.

I take it you are running the 32 Bit version of Internet explorer just remember to have compatibility mode switched on.

if it is only this site you find slow don't worry about it we are all in the same boat it is slow for us all.

Maybe download and use Firefox just to see if that runs any quicker.

  bristolgirl 16:53 22 May 2011

Further to my last post. I have now run Hitman pro. I notice that it doesn't interfere with any existing AV's etc. It found no infections! Good I know but.............. Not sure where I go from here.

I have tried several times to post a reply. I do hope that I haven't replied several times,as I do keep hitting the refresh button (sorry).

It is the 64 bit version of Hitman pro I ran and I always use Firefox now. (Good advice given to me on this site a while back now).

  birdface 17:38 22 May 2011

You have not downloaded another Host file lately have you.I was using the MVPS host file before I realised it was that which was slowing my Internet Explorer down.

What about an ad-blocker do you use Adblock Plus with Firefox as that should speed things up a bit.

Have you tried a defrag or maybe run sfc /scannow in command prompt you do not need the W/7 disc for that.. or maybe chkdsk.

Tried device manager to make sure there are no drivers needing updated.

  onthelimit1 18:00 22 May 2011


There are problems with this site being slow. If others are OK, don't worry too much.

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