Slow PC - please help!

  Peterpan1709 12:39 01 Feb 2006

My workstation at work is connected to the network. It is running Windows 2000 SP4, and has a 1.6GHz Pentium 4 processor. It had 128MB RAM which was upgraded recently to 256MB. This improved the speed for a while, but after a week it got very slow and when I checked in System Properties, it said there was only 128MB again. However, there are other PC's in the office which appear to run fine on 128MB RAM. When I turn on in the morning and check the PC's performance in Task Manager, the CPU usage is always around 1% but the MEM usage is always around 170MB and when i start opening applications it goes up to over 400MB! The applications I usually use are Word, Excel, and Autocad.At the moment as I am on Internet Explorer, my MEM usage is 250MB, CPU usage 2%, physical memory total is 129776K, with 8788K available. Total commit charge is 245512K. The PC has been thoroughly checked for spyware, viruses, etc, it has been rebuilt and had the OS reinstalled, I have removed all temporary files, perfomed disk clean-up, run lots of checks, defragged, etc, but my PC is still very slow and sluggish, and is very slow to refresh. For example, if I type these words now, it takes a second before they appear on the screen. What is going on?!!

  Diodorus Siculus 12:47 01 Feb 2006

How much virtual memory do you have?

Right click my computer

choose properties


performance options

From there you can set he virtual memory

  Diodorus Siculus 12:48 01 Feb 2006

By the way, where has the other 128mb ram gone? Are you sure it hasn't failed? Was it actually recognised?

  Peterpan1709 15:20 01 Feb 2006

I have 300MB virtual RAM, maximum 550MB. It is optimised for applications. I think the extra RAM was recognised because the machine was noticably faster after it was installed, then one day suddenly dropped in performance. I assume it has failed or has a bad connection. A computer engineer will be looking at it in a few days. No professional has been able to help me! I had also been getting other problems like hang-ups which have stopped recently. I had also been getting intermittent memory address errors for various applications, eg. "The instruction at "0x77f8c15c" referenced memory at "0x01251a08". The memory could not be "written". Click OK to terminate the program." I still get these messages occasionally, especially when several applications are open at once.

  Shortstop 15:25 01 Feb 2006

Based on the memory errors & the fact that only 128Mb can now be seen.

May need reseating or just have gone ....



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