slow pc since installing kaspersky internet 6.0

  julius44 09:17 28 Feb 2007

Hello all, hope someone can give me the best advice...i have just installed the free 6 months version of kaspersky internet security 6.0 which has come with the latest edition of pc advisor. But now my pc and internet connection is running very slow...too slow for my liking...but i also have the free comodo firewall, and AVG as well running.....i'd prefer to take off the my question is, r there any other freebies that i can use pls from any other sites, thanks

  Rich Pickings 10:20 28 Feb 2007

You should only run 1 firewall and 1 antivirus so this is probably what is causing your slow PC issues.
If you want free security software then AVG and Comodo are good free products. You could also try Zone Alarm for a firewall, it's pretty good. BitDefender do a free antivirus as do Avira and Avast.
The rule is though, just one firewall and one antivirus.

  julius44 10:22 28 Feb 2007

thanks rich picking, so do u think i should take off kaspersky??? hence just use AVG and Comodo??

  Rich Pickings 10:28 28 Feb 2007

Kaspersky is better, so try removing AVG and Comodo. If the PC is still too slow remove Kaspersky and reinstall the free ones or upgrade your RAM. If you don't have 512MB of RAM on Windows XP and you are running security programmes your PC will tend to be slow.

  julius44 10:35 28 Feb 2007

thanks rich pickings...but i dont think its my ram as is 1Gb or ram i have.....the only thing is if i remove AVG and comodo first,....and then leave kaspersky....i'm not sure whether kaspersky has a firewall in the security suite, cos beleive it or not it doesn't say this anywhere on the 6 months free trial i u think the firewall is incorporated in the security suite??? Just that i dont wanna be without a firewall

  Rich Pickings 10:39 28 Feb 2007

When you uninstall Comodo, check in the Windows security centre to see if you have a firewall enabled and which one it is (Windows or Kaspersky).

  julius44 17:33 28 Feb 2007

thanks rich picking....i've removed comodo, and my pc is now working so much i guess both firewalls were conflicting...i also needed to ask u now that i have only kaspersky internet security 6.0 on my u think this is enuff to keep my pc safe?? do u think i need to add anything else.....just that i use the internet a lot and i dont want to get any viruses, trojans, worms, etc.....maybe i'm just beiing paranoid.........

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