Slow pc following trojan invasion...............

  Sony 16:28 22 Apr 2004

Hi there - after visiting an xbox site 9 lovely trojans attached themselves to my startpage. Now although they have been removed by trendmicro, avg and btyahoo software the pc is slower than a stoned tortoise. Anyone any ideas?

Many thanks - have run all the usual, cleaned everything to no avail.


  lucky1 20:41 22 Apr 2004

System Restore?

  lucky1 21:16 22 Apr 2004

..............or, and it's maybe stating the obvious, have you de-fragged recently?

  Sony 20:36 23 Apr 2004

Yes have defragged to no avail. System restore can you explain a bit more about that? I wondered if all of the virus software was conflicting.

Many thanks


  lucky1 20:51 23 Apr 2004

If you have Windows ME or Windows XP as operating systems you should be able to 'roll back' your computer to a time when it was running properly using the System Restore facility. It may help.

In XP from the Desktop, select Accessories, then System Tools, then System Restore, You will see it gives you the opportunity, by selecting a date prior to your troubles (when you know your system was okay, to restore it to that time.

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