Slow PC and Error message's

  Hetti 13:00 26 Dec 2007

Hi all
After changing from Norton anti-virus software to AGV and Spybot, Im getting very slow bootup, when it finishes booting I get...

Rps-exe unable to locte component (in blue title bar on the box)in body of the box it says INHR-DLL not found reinstall may solve this problem. I click OK then a second message saying .....
ZK RUNONCE.exe unable to locate.

I also get a ballon message in task bar saying firewall is not running, but when I look in Control panel> security setting it says firewall is on.
PC runs OK after that but Im worried my security is impaired.
Any Ideas?

  p;3 13:11 26 Dec 2007

one hopes you did remove Norton prior to loading avg and did you run the appropriate Norton removal tool?click here

what version of windows are you running?

and did you get avg from

click here?

  AndySD 13:13 26 Dec 2007

Looks like you Have or had NTL's netguard instsalled. Go to Add/Remove programs and remove it. If its been removed try CCleaner

  Hetti 13:35 26 Dec 2007

I did not remove Norton first I just closed it down... wrong? Also I just removed Norton via CCleaner ..wrong also? If so what can I do to correct this?

I did try to use Virgin medias PC Guard (it was nothing but trouble is this what you mean?

  Hetti 13:38 26 Dec 2007

Forgot to answer your question..,.Win XP sp2 and yes I did get AGV from the link you sent.

  p;3 13:47 26 Dec 2007

I suggest you run the appropriate version of the norton removal tool

click here#
if this is what you have also been using? you have had more than ONE antivirus program on your computer which might well explain the sluggishness

who IS your ISP? as they may have an inbuilt antivirus protection in their connection

  Hetti 13:57 26 Dec 2007

Another problem im afraid, the Norton was installed on the laptop when we got it and I do not know the version it was, is there anyway I can find out what version it was now that I have unistalled it?

ISP is Virgin Media, I do not know if they have inbuild antivirus, but they do offer a free security suite (PC Guard I tried this before AVG and Spybot)but I had problems with that too. Will this be due to the improper removeal of Norton?

  p;3 14:08 26 Dec 2007

it sounds as though you could have had up to three different antivirus programs attempting to run on the computer

may i suggest you might need a check up to see exactly what IS happening and running on the computer by going to a specialist site who have tools designed to see just what IS going on and how to get you back up and running
suggest register with and read carefully the forum rules of ONE of these sites
click here

click here and let them check you out;let us know which one you opt for ?

  Hetti 14:27 26 Dec 2007

Im going to register with
I will let you know how I go on.

Thanks for taking the time to help

  p;3 16:35 26 Dec 2007

can you let us know what username you have chosen for that other forum;
I think you will find you are infected but meanwhile will the computer let you run
the free for home users version of
click here

and adaware

click here

  Hetti 18:36 26 Dec 2007

My user name is missmuffit47, I only had 1 reply. But in the meantime thinking about your post that said I may have 3 antivirus software programmes trying to run, I found that there was some files left from PC Guard so I got rid of them and since then I have rebooted PC 4 times and had no reoccurance of the problem.
Is it still likely that Im infected or could this be the problem solved?

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