al7478 03:41 25 Jan 2008

Another one for a friend I'm afraid (I have reccommended this site to them, but what can ya do?).

I have'nt seen the machine in question in action, and am not sure what model it is, but its a Dell of a year and a half or so in age.

Anyway, it has started crawling aparently, from start-up onwards. I advised my friend to run virus and spy-ware checks and do whatever they told him, initially. 3 hours later Norton was still running! It has also restarted once, of its own accord.

IMO, he is over-killing on security software - AVG AV, ZA full internet security, Norton Internet Security.

And aparently "it" (I never ascertained what, exactly) has told him he is low on "virtual memory".

Any help would be much appreciated.

  skidzy 07:13 25 Jan 2008

click here
and follow Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post from part 1

Also more advice on setting up the security,no more than one Antivirus to be installed ! click here

  Gongoozler 08:41 25 Jan 2008

"AVG AV, ZA full internet security, Norton Internet Security". If your friend is running Norton AV as well as AVG, that would certainly cause problems.

  al7478 13:41 25 Jan 2008

I thought that might be the root of it, especially as theyre both full packages and not just AV.

Thanks for the replies, ill look into those links.

  al7478 19:02 25 Jan 2008

Just a quick update.

We didnt try most of the things in Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post (great stuff tho, and will come in handy the further we get, i think).

We tried a system restore, both with and without safe mode. Also, because he think there may be a ZA problem (he has tried removing it, but it says True Vector wont let him), we tried removing ZA and TV by the search facility and via add and remove, and neither worked - T V did'nt even come up in the search, and for some reason we were denied access to delete ZA (tho, of course, ZA may not be the problem, it is merely his hunch).

I have told him he should streamline his protection in future - tho, if not a virus, i suspect a ZA/Norton conflict, especially with them being comprehensive packages, and not just AV, as I've said.

He has, by the by, made no significant changes to his system recently - neither with hardware or software.

Now, the reason we did'nt try most the things in Fruit Bat /\0/\'s post is simply because things are moving so slowly (and, if anything, getting worse), and, as i was coaching him over the phone, i was trying to go through some easy obvious things first, which have always worked for me - I've luckily not had a problem this bad yet.

So, would trying the things Fruit Bat reccommends, and virus scanning, in safe mode be an option...?

Sorry this is so long just to ask that one little question, but i figured I'd try to include as much info as possible.

  p;3 19:49 25 Jan 2008

two if not more av program on the same computer is guarranteed to cause problems and most probably allow multiple infections to get on board;;this tool click here will help to eliminate Norton from the equation ; but you will need to disable Norton before you run it; and probably Zone alarms too ; if he has zone alarms AND Norton Internet security PLUS two av programs on board one might wonder how the thing functions at all

there may ALSO be the windows firewall itself running PLUS whaever firewall is on the internet connection AND whatever AV protection is on the internet connection

the possibilities FOR the comp crawling and nipping off for a long tea break due to an overload headacke are...........(gulps )

  al7478 20:16 25 Jan 2008

Firewall and AV on his internet connection? He is'nt working wirelessly - and i think I've stated all the things he is running.

I'll double check with him that his Windows firewall has been disabled.

He is'nt, incidentally, running two AVs in addition to ZA, Norton and AVG, just those, so 3 AV progs in all, two of which are part of bigger internet security packages. Plus (I did'nt mention this above, sorry) Ad-Aware antispyware.

  p;3 22:03 25 Jan 2008

please clarify; to your knowledge which antivirus programs ARE on board

which antispyware programs are on board?

how DOES he connect to the internet?

  al7478 22:56 25 Jan 2008

He has a Speedtouch 330 modem.

He has the full sweets of NIS; AVG free AV and Ad-Aware.

He informed me a few minutes ago that he removed the ZA package in safe mode (he couldnt do it in standard mode for some reason).

He has scanned in safe mode with NIS, and just found one cookie. He is currently scanning in safe mode with AVG.

  p;3 23:02 25 Jan 2008

who is his ISP? so far we know he has?? TWO antivirus programs installed? Norton and AVG7.5?; what does he have via his ISP connection? ( good 'cook book' this!! )

  al7478 23:17 25 Jan 2008

No idea what he has via his ISP connection im afraid, not sure he would know either, and did'nt even know myself that he'd have anything else...? I think the ISP is Tiscali.

Please keep in mind that all this is coming second hand, and originates with someone who takes little interest in these things.

As i mentioned in my first post, something popped up a wee while ago saying he has low virtual memory, then, a couple days ago, it started to get slow. Painfully slow.

His PC is the Dell Dimension 3000.

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