slow pc

  User-A348E3D1-3BCE-479B-B376ABA0CDA86706 19:18 26 Jul 2007

My dads computer takes 2 minutes to start up and when he clicks on internet explorer it take 5 minutes before it appears.
I have forrmatted the disk and reinstelled window xp
2ghz celron
1x256 ddr pc3200
1x512 ddr pc3200
80gig hitachi 7200rpm 8mg cache

is your system like this or what is the problem

  Technotiger 19:52 26 Jul 2007

2 minutes to start up, I assume you mean 2mins before he can do anything with it. This is not an exceptionally long time.

IE taking 5mins is a long time - have a look in Processes and see if anything is hogging the CPU. I had a similar slow-down recently, found that one process was hogging 99% of CPU, deleted the process, all running smooth again.

  D.G,E 21:23 26 Jul 2007

Check your health satus of your PC run the disk defragment system or check your plugin's to IE disable all plugin's and enable one by one to see if there is a problem.
To do this go to tools and manage add ons on IE7 its the same for IE6.

And as technotiger said check your processes.

Also run virus or spyware checks just incase, as for the start up run msconfig and check your start up items disable the ones you don't use i tend to have many programs starting up and this does slow down the start up disabling the start up programs i did not need helped my system to start into windows quickly.

However start up programs do not effect the boot up screen only when the xp welcome screen appears.

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