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  [email protected] 17:02 14 Dec 2009

My O/S is Windoes XP and I use Outlook Express 6 for my e-mails.
I am finding OE to be very slow in starting up and occasionally just freezes without any apparent reason.
Having read other similar comments in the HelpRoom, it seems that Windows Live Mail would be a better system to change to.
Therefore (a) how do I go about this?
(b) is it possible to return to OE if I don't like it?
(c) will I have to tell those that send me e-mails that I have changed systems?
If these questions sound very "beginner-ish" forgive me, but I don't want to get into a position where I don't have the use of e-mails.

  Pineman100 19:12 14 Dec 2009

Windows Live Mail was developed after Windows XP. I don't know this for sure, but I do suspect that this could make WLM slow to run under XP.

I think you'd be better off trying to rectify the slowness of OE.

Have a read of these articles:-

click here

click here

click here

  iscanut 20:45 14 Dec 2009

Have a think about using another email client such as Thunderbird
click here

  tobyjug2007 12:14 15 Dec 2009

I'm running Windows XP SP3, and have hated outlook express since i first went online.
I personally use Incredimail, its a lot more interesting and fun to use!
click here

My own personal opinion but i wouldn't change.

  Sea Urchin 18:20 15 Dec 2009

Download and run this simple script - it will remove Messenger, and speed up Outlook Express

click here

  Terry Brown 07:55 17 Dec 2009

How are your general download speeds, are they loading at your normal rate?.

Is your message box full, as that can slow down outlook?

Are you running another program at the same time as outlook (When starting Outlook, look at the Harddrive light, If it is on all the time , you are running something else, which could cause the problem.

If you are using broadband, use this test to check your speed click here

Do you have the windows XP CD ?, if so, put the CD in the drive.
Go to RUN and enter sfc /scannow (note the space)

This will do a check of your system and repair any faults.

  snv123 22:09 18 Dec 2009

Agreed with Sea Urchin.
Download and run this simple scrip - it will speed up Outlook Express.

  [email protected] 23:32 30 Dec 2009

Having been away over the Christmas period, I am only now getting to grips with suggestions provided - thanks for all of them.
I tried Incredimail, but found that even slower than OE!! - although I did like the animations etc. Reverting to OE, I find that it is now running much quicker, although I have not made any changes.
I have tried removing Messenger using the suggestions, but after clicking the downloaded program, nothing happened although I left it running for 30 minutes! I also tried the manual approach but, again, nothing happened. Just to show my ignorance, could I not just remove the program via Add/Remove programs?
The only other thought I have relates to DBX files and I have read that these can often slow down OE. I do retain lots of e-mails in individual folders, but could manage without them as most information I copy to other files and it's handy to have them immediately available on the OE screen! Would it help to clear out all the DBX files?

  Sea Urchin 00:34 31 Dec 2009

The "downloaded program" is a script which takes about 3 seconds to run - and the result is that Messenger has been removed and Outlook Express runs much faster. So it seems to have done what you asked for.

I don't understand - you say OE is now running much quicker (see above) but then at the end you say that you are trying to speed up OE. Which is it?

  capnglad[email protected] 00:48 31 Dec 2009

My apologies!
The sentence should have read " running much quicker,most of the time."
There are still occasions when the system just stops without any apparent reason and eventually I close OE, re-open it and continue.
However, you have clarified the point re the "script" and as the system is generally running OK, I will treat the matter as "Resolved"
Many thanks for your advice.
Best wishes for a Happy New Year

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