slow office loading

  wednesday 13 15:43 06 Sep 2006

i recently installed microsoft office 2003 and when i try to open word (i'm assuming that's all with only trying powerpoint) it take about half an hour to load.

i didn't want to try and fork out the disc to find re-installing won't work. could you please help?

  wee eddie 16:00 06 Sep 2006

And what OS are you running.

  wednesday 13 16:25 06 Sep 2006

windows xp
512mb ram
about 10gig free hdd
2.4ghz intel celeron

  Jackcoms 16:28 06 Sep 2006

"about 10gig free hdd"

Out of a total of how much?

  wednesday 13 16:30 06 Sep 2006


  Jackcoms 16:31 06 Sep 2006

Which I think is your answer.

What exactly is using the other 70?

Do you need it all?

  wednesday 13 16:45 06 Sep 2006

well i am deleting a load of ld trial off that expired and i forgot about. be back soon.

  Jackcoms 17:04 06 Sep 2006

You might also want to download and run click here to get rid of all the crap files on your HDD.

Also run msconfig and see what runs at start up and disable some. You'll be surprised how many programs you DON'T need to run in the background. This will help you decide click here

Once you have AT LEAST 20% of your total HDD space free, defrag it.

  terryf 02:09 07 Sep 2006

Consider buying an ext usb hd and keeping your temporarily unused data on there, I am only using about 10g out of a 80g (nominal) drive and office starts almost instantaneously. I keep all my data on a 2nd hd

  silverous 20:01 11 Sep 2006

Is it only Word then that is slow? That recently happened to someone at our office. We got it back to starting in milliseconds by deleting the default template and creating a new one.

Try this:

Just go to c;\windows\application data\microsoft\templates and delete the template, then just reboot your Pc, Word will create a new complete with default settings upon reopening Word.

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