Slow and not steady -2.8ghz dual-core

  pj1664 20:31 05 Jun 2007

Hi all, I recently upgraded my daughter's aging computer pentium 3 1.4ghz to a dual core 2.8ghz 1GB ram. Everything seems ok apart from its really slow in loading up. desktop takes about 2 minutes to get going and when press the my computer icon a torch aperas and showas that its looking for a folder and that takes another 30-40 seconds before it locates my computer icons. Internet dont respose atraight away, once the address is typed it takes atleast a minute before the page is uploaded. I have run spyware on the computer and it keeps picking up lots of cookies. ( I am using webroot spyware).I keep puting these in quarintine but it does not help with the speed. Is ther anything else I could do to speed up the computer. P.S. I have run anti virus and nothing found.

  brundle 20:34 05 Jun 2007

Go to start menu/run & type

control folders

press return

Click View, untick `Automatically search for network folders and printers`.

I am assuming the PC is not part of a network.

Any yellow or red warnings in device manager?

Also look for yellow or red warnings in the event log;

Start menu/run, type


press return

  sunny staines 20:54 05 Jun 2007

try the bios for an optimise setting

  pj1664 21:07 05 Jun 2007

Hi brundle, thanks 4 your reply, is it worth doing what you suggest because its on a network. I am also going to try optimising the bios as suggested by sunny staines - will this actually create any other side effect to the pc? At this point i am willing to try anything.Thanks for the info.

  woodchip 21:42 05 Jun 2007

You can look in event viewer at any time it may reveal what is taking so long to load

  pj1664 21:50 05 Jun 2007

Hi woodchip, nice to hear from you again, now I have heard of event viewer... where do I find it? silly I know but I have gone blank, I have been trying to work this machine out for 2 days and can't find whats wrong with it. Can I delete prog. in the event viewer?

  woodchip 21:54 05 Jun 2007

As I am on my Win98se Comp, I will try to guide you. you should be able to go to Control Panel\Services I think it's in there, Or Right Click My Computer then Manage or Services

  brundle 22:39 05 Jun 2007

event log/viewer

Also look for yellow or red warnings in the event log;

Start menu/run, type


press return

  pj1664 17:39 06 Jun 2007

Ok there are afew red and yellow crosses and exclamation marks but it dosent really tell me anything - meaning its very brief a little confused leaset to say. What am I really looking for here, any perticular item that should highlight?

  woodchip 17:41 06 Jun 2007

Try right ckick one it may tell you more

  pj1664 17:51 06 Jun 2007

Thanks woodchip I will look into it, meanwhile as suggested by Sunny staines I optamised my BIOS setting, well it didnt work.

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