Slow Network printing

  PhiltheFragger 20:38 13 Feb 2006

basic Office Network 2 machines BT broadband. netgear wired router RJ45 cables.

MAchine 1 ( main machine) Win ME (yes I know)Pentium 4 1500 512mb ram 40gb hdd yadda yadda yadda, Bog standard HP deskjet printer, Office 2000

Machine 2 ( XP SP2, 512mb Ram Athlon 64 3000 CPU. 160gb HDD, Office 2003

machine 1, connects to the net fine, prints to local printer fine and can see docs on machine 2 fine

Machine 2 connects to net fine, can see docs on macxhine 1 fine.

Problem comes when trying to print a doc on machine 2 to the network printer on machine 1

takes ages, word says it is trying to background print the doc,.

eventually it does print but it takes 3 minutes and the machines are 10 feet apart.

i have reinstalled the drivers for printer on both machines,

On machine 2 the network printer is the only printer and is set as default.

run network setup and print & file are all shared

Could it be a problem between the 2 versions of office

or the 2 operating systems

or the different drivers for the printer coz of the 2 operating systems

any ideas out there

  PhiltheFragger 07:06 14 Feb 2006


  Grantrh 12:13 14 Feb 2006

I am not an expert at networking but we have a very similar setup at work and the same slow printing occurs there too on the second machine.

I think its something to do with the network printer is only connected up to machine 1 so any commands to print take longer because it has to go across 2 PC's ?

I think your problems would disappear if you had a dedicated network printer.

  PhiltheFragger 12:53 14 Feb 2006

Thought of that too, coz at home i have 4 pcs linked in a very similar fashion sharing 2 printers in various locations.

in each case printing to a networked printer is almost as fast as to a local printer

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