slow network

  broggs 21:12 16 Jun 2004

Our pc network in our office consists of 12 pcs and one server.
It is slooooow.
It seems to slow down as the day progresses with the "I.T. EXPERT" Telling us to log out as he is rebooting the server at least one a day.
Our pcs can also be speeded up by rebooting.
On investigation I have found out that when windows is running(2K) plus our office program(VISION) the amount of free memory is only about 4000 out of 128000.
Add to this the telemessage ,Msword and other programs the amount of ram available will go down even smaller.
One pc also has the fax/scanner connected to it and is really slow as the day progresses.(good job she is only part time).It also comes up with page file memory problems.
I have pointed this out several times that the lack of memory is the problem to this guy and also the I.T. expert before him but they have ignored/ not acted on it.
I have installed memturbo on my pc (with the bosses permission a few years ago)
This solves the problem on my pc but not the others.I've told the I.T. guy about this and offered to show him it working but he has not taken me up on the offer.I also defrag once a week and have no junk on my hd(.tmp/cookies plus all the rest).
I know that none of the other pcs have been defragged since they were installed(approx 2-3 years ago).
Am I right in my findings?
Would addinng more memory speed up the pcs.

WIN2k pentium 3 dell cpu units


  johnsims 21:16 16 Jun 2004

Sounds like it would. A clean up as you have done on your own would not go amiss either. Funny, I thought that that sort of user support was one of the reasons for having an IT Guy!
Also sounds like a few IT Guys I have met, they know damn all but aren't prepared to admit it or accept help from a "non professional" I just love that attitude!

  broggs 21:23 16 Jun 2004

Yes the I.T. woman before this one new nothing and this one is actually doing a windows server home course on the quiet.Beleive it or not both were promoted from whithin from the sales office!!!!

  johnsims 21:32 16 Jun 2004

Yeah, I'd believe it. My son is his ofice "computer guru" and IMHO (and his) he knows a little less than sweet FA

  neghness 21:43 16 Jun 2004

sounds like you want to get a petittion started, so that the I.T 'expert' is more likely to do something. and if that doesn't work, go to your boss with the petition!

  broggs 21:47 16 Jun 2004

No I would never do that neghness.All I want to know is that am I thinking along the correct lines and would an extra stick of memory help and if so how much would more memory cost per pc.

  neghness 21:53 16 Jun 2004

it wasn't meant seriously, i kinda missed out a few exclamation marks, sorry. sounds like an extra stick of memory would help though, as well as cleaning up the computers. perhaps you need some of sort of system so that they are cleaned up on a regular basis, whether its by the people who use them or the I.T staff

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