Slow Log Off in XP

  Dunce 11:35 24 Jul 2003

When anyone tries to log off it takes between 1 to 1.5 minutes to do it.
If you press anything else during this time a message tells you that it cannot perform that action since it is trying to log off.
Any suggestions as to haw to get it to react as it used to other than System Restore?

  bennyc 11:44 24 Jul 2003

This type of thing depends on what operating system you've got i'm guessing you've got Windows XP, if so i'd make sure you've got SP1 coz this solves the login and shutdown screen problems.

I think there might be a good clue to which OS he is using in the name of the thread, i.e. "slow log off in XP" :)

  Jester2K II 11:52 24 Jul 2003

What do you have running on the PC. It might be taking time to shut down programs that are running.

What about Shut Down - does that take time too??

  Dunce 11:52 24 Jul 2003


Yes I have got XP and I also have SP1 installed.
Have you any other ideas?

  Dunce 11:58 24 Jul 2003

Thanks, I willlook at what may be running.
Shutdown is OK - it is only log off that is slow.

  bennyc 11:59 24 Jul 2003

As Jester2K II said if you've got loads of programs running in the background it has to close all of these before it can log off, but you can change the programs that run in the background by going to Start -> Run and type msconfig and on the Startup tab tick the ones that you don't need (but be careful not to get rid of programs that you need).

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