Slow loading of MS Excel and Word

  Richmond34 14:07 29 Sep 2005

I have a fairly ne MESH desktop (8 months old) running Windows XP and MS Office Professional 2000. All is fine, except that over the last few months it has become increasingly slow to open Excel or word - sometimes over 10 seconds. When the PC was new, it was lightening fast opening files in these programs.

I have tried disk clean up and then a defrag, after which it speeds up again when opening these programs - but not for long. After only a week or so, it slows right down again. On defragging again, the hard drive is hardly fragmented at all - but it does seem to speed it back up again.

There is no apparent performance degredation in anything else, and it is nice and fast working within Word and Excel - once the files are open.

Any ideas what could be causing this? It is a real pain having to defrag every few days to reverse the serious deteroriation of performance. What can I do to stop it happening in the first place?

  SANTOS7 14:25 29 Sep 2005

click here
found this,it may help...

  MAJ 14:27 29 Sep 2005

As it's Office 2000, Richmond34, the first thing I would try is to delete all instances of the "" file you have on your computer. It has been known to cause problems of that sort in Office 2000. Make sure all Office programs are closed before deleting. When you delete all files, re-open Word and a new, clean, will be created.

  bretsky 15:03 29 Sep 2005

Sorry to hijack this thread but I HAD the same problem with Word 2000.........not anymore, followed MAJ instructions and renamed Normal.old which was 914Kb in size, now new file is 28Kb and is instant to open, shame I didn't know about this earlier, as I now use OpenOffice 1.9.95 and swear by it, truly converted!

Thanx MAJ

bretsky ;0)

  MAJ 20:32 29 Sep 2005

Happy to help, bretsky, even if you no longer use Word 2000. :-)

  Richmond34 22:27 29 Sep 2005

Thanks for all your suggestions. I will have a go and let you know.

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