Slow to load Aol BB

  Diemmess 12:19 09 Oct 2005

Two PCs, different homes. Both have HyperOs systems on Windows 2000 and Aol BB.... I have 1Gb RAM and a Duron 1200. Daughter has Duron 800 and 512 RAM.

Mine works fine but I'm the only one who uses it!

Hers is fussy, (lots of flickering HD light) is slow to reach sign-on screen and very slow to sign on...... She has an 18yr old son who is often too lazy/tired to boot into his own system.

I have double checked (after her) using CClean, Ad-Aware. Zone Alarm is the firewall, all are up to date.

Have even run Trend Housecall over the whole PC...... Have installed and checked msconfig, disabling most things that are not needed at bootup, and while there are small improvments in some other things, the slow sign-on persists.

Grandson is mainly into MP3 and MSN Messenger.

There must be something lurking there which is either RAM hungry or at cross purposes with other programs. When first installed everything worked fine.

Would appreciate ideas of where to look for the answer?

  AndySD 12:31 09 Oct 2005

Is hers connrcted by a router? If so make sure the MTU is set to 1400 in the router, AOL is fussy about this.

  hzhzhz 12:43 09 Oct 2005

I allow my daughter to use my pc because hers has been infected so bad that Im going to wipe it clean and start again.She uses msn messenger on my pc and when shes finished some times my pc becomes so slow its unbelievable.It was so bad after one of her sessions that I had to restore the pc back to earlier time. In my opinion msn messenger is a curse. This may not be the root of your problem but it certainly gives me grief.

  Diemmess 12:46 09 Oct 2005

I'm tempted to say "What is a router?" but No we are both humble stand alone PCs. same BB modem, neighbouring BT exchanges with the same area code number.

  Diemmess 12:52 09 Oct 2005

I hope you have a clue with msn messenger. Yes, 'George' had installed that and it popped up until I disabled it in msconfig startup.
I haven't been able to find it in Add/Remove (Windows components).

  AndySD 13:09 09 Oct 2005

Try click here for the 15 free trial ar Hijack this click here

  Diemmess 17:39 09 Oct 2005

Preparing myself for another pastoral visit maybe tomorrow.

In view of an active Zone Alarm and use of CClean Ad-Aware and Spybot, is it likely that there is malware on there still?

I feel it is more likely a duff configuration somewhere, but would like direction for my first step in checking out what IS wrong?

  AndySD 18:15 09 Oct 2005

Unfortunatly Adaware and Spybot are starting to show their age and its worth trying some others as well.

  AndySD 18:20 09 Oct 2005

Or a-squared HiJackFree and a-squared Free click here

  Diemmess 18:22 09 Oct 2005

What is suggested instead of those two?

  Diemmess 18:26 09 Oct 2005

Our latest crossed!

I will download those here, and install (from my mighty pen drive) - there.

I knew spybot finds things that aren't there but humoured it!

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