Slow internet problem (Virgin Media)

  wky 19:55 18 Feb 2009

Hi all,

My broadband connection recently started acting up and becoming very slow. I would restart the modem and router (Buffalo) and it would work quick as it should for a few minutes before becoming slow again. I came to the conclusion that I needed a new router and thus I went and bought a Linksys Wireless-N router. I usually have my laptop connected wirelessly and two desktops wired up. So my router arrived today and I installed it. Everything seems to work, but the internet is still a little slow. It is faster than before I replaced the router though. I also recently applied to increase from 2mb to 10mb. I'm not sure if they've done it yet, but it's probably best to get in touch with Virgin.

Does anyone know if the 2mb Cable Modem from Virgin, it is grey and has green flashing lights at the front, can support 10mb? Speed tests online has shown only 2-3mb speeds. So i'm thinking it hasn't happened yet.

Any help or suggestions are appreciated.

  birdface 20:13 18 Feb 2009

Speed test.This is the on the virgin engineers use.
click here

  bremner 20:22 18 Feb 2009

You should conduct any tests with the modem connected direct to the computer, not through the router.

  wky 22:33 18 Feb 2009

Thanks for your replies. I will test the modem tomorrow on a separate pc. It was just running really slow, so I unplugged the modem and basically rebooted it without doing anything to the router. It is now back up to speed, I'm getting a 5mb connection only though after running the test, although I'm not sure if I'm meant to be on 10mb or 3mb...Does this sound like the modem is the culprit?

  Blackhat 22:46 18 Feb 2009

Had this problem myself a few months ago, one day fine next day no connection or very slow,ended up with Virgin replacing my modem, all seemed well for a while then the problem returned.

Spent a while checking through my comp and found that 'google update' had installed itself and seemed to be hogging my internet connection, once removed all was well.

  Dipso 23:05 18 Feb 2009

A mate of mine had the same problem and I believe it was the modem that was limiting the speed. It depends which "grey" model you have. This is a very old link but worth a read click here You might be better asking Virgin directly, first if the upgrade has taken place, what speed you are on and if your modem is compatible.

  wky 00:06 19 Feb 2009

Any idea on software which allows me to monitor the network traffic of each computer on the network? Then I can see if one of the computers might be hogging the internet resources.

  gazzaho 00:54 19 Feb 2009

I went from the 4 Mbps to 10 Mbps last year when they upgraded the system, I couldn't download at more than 6 Mbps, that was the maximum speed I could get. It was down to a combination of my dinosaur Pentium 4 single core computer and the 5 year old grey NTL modem, when I got my new Quad core system and Virgin replaced the old grey modem with a new smaller black Virgin Media modem the speeds jumped right up, I'm now downloading at close to maximum speeds constantly.

It might also be worth mentioning that Virgin practice throttling at peak times, if you download a lot of video content your bandwidth will be reduced for 5 hours, check here click here for more info.

  annyanny 09:48 19 Feb 2009

have a nice day,It is my first post

  kjrider 11:25 19 Feb 2009

Just a little note. If you are using wifi and it is slow - check that there aren't any other wifi networks nearby using the same channel. It could interfere and slow up things.

Its amazing how people set up their wifi, with security, etc, but don't check the channel they are using. Most seem to be factory set to 1, 6 or 11.


  birdface 13:20 19 Feb 2009

Always use the speed test when there is nothing running.I used to run mine when using Ladbrokes and that distorted the speed test never getting near the speed that it should have
.Not sure if it is only Virgin that has this problem but right click local area Connection and press repair.See if it comes up with a Dns problem.

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