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  osben 17:02 21 Apr 2006


I am using Windows XP sp2

For some time now(I can’t remember how long, as these sort of things become apparent with out you realising it) I have been getting slow graphics on my computer.

When I close a programme down and the screen goes to the desktop, it take a while for all the icons to fill in. the same goes for the icons when I open up control panel. Also when I am in explorer and click on C: it takes so long to open up that the "torch" icon actually appears whilst the operation completes. When I for instance now open up Excel it takes a lot longer for the programme to come on screen.

I wondered if it was possibly a “bug/virus” but I use an up to date antivirus programme as well as AdWatch, and Sygate Firewall and Spyware Guard and regularly run all of them to clean up any problems which there never are. I also defrag regularly. A look at task manager shows CPU usage at rest of approx 8% with approx half of the 512Mb memory available.

Has anyone got any ideas as to what might be the problem apart from throwing the computer away and replacing it!!!

Sorry it's a long one.


  ACOLYTE 17:07 21 Apr 2006

It may be time to clean out the crud from the pc click here and defrag the hard drive,you may see an improvment after.

  osben 18:53 21 Apr 2006


Acolyte - thanks for your response. I really wish it as that easy though. As I said, I defrag regularly and I also use CCleaner.

Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Best regards

  gudgulf 19:18 21 Apr 2006

What programs cause this....any specific ones or all?

Slow return to the desktop is one of the reasons many gamers run 2GB of RAM.......the delay is often the result of having to reload the desktop and some applications from the page file back into RAM......Have a look at peak memory usage whilst in the Task Manager(you'll find the figure in the Performance tab).That will tell you the maximum RAM +Page file use.

If the peak value is well in excess of your 512MB RAM then you would find increasing the amount of physical RAM would help a lot.

  osben 17:38 22 Apr 2006


Gudgulf - thanks for your response.

By peak memory usage, I assume you mean Peak Commit charge which is at 246Mb. Page File Usage is at 220Mb. Both well within your suggesttion. I did have Task manager running when I opened up Excel and for a couple of seconds it showed 100% memory usage as it does when I open a file in excel or open up Outlook. I even have a long wait for if I click on "send/receive" for emails in outlook. In fact it starts at about 20% and slowly works its way up to about 75% and then might finish but might not.

Could this possibly be a hardware problem. Dicky ram or something like that??


  osben 16:35 23 Apr 2006

I think that I have partly rectified the problem. I disabled the "Indexing" which seems to have helped a bit.

Thanks for your help Guys.


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